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Laurence’s Birthday at Swansea

Heading away camping for our birthdays has quickly become a bit of a tradition, and this weekend it was time to celebrate Laurence’s birthday, at Swansea Lakeside Caravan Park. A quick weekend getaway that’s only 40 minutes from home, oh yeah how awesome is that !There really isn’t anything too much better than when we get to get away in the van for the weekend.

We’d never been to the park before, and boy is it big! The park is located on Lake Macquarie and you can walk to the lake from your campsite. It’s also a reasonable walk, or a quick ride/drive to the town centre if you needs supplies etc. The park has some of the best facilities that we’ve come across. Lots of little covered BBQ areas, an indoor camp kitchen with undercover seating, a putt putt golf course, tennis course, large pool, kids playground and even three RV dump points LOL.

We made a quick Friday afternoon getaway from work and with only a 40 minute drive we setup with a cold one in had before we knew it.

All set up, with the quick awning option.

We had a lovely dinner and cake to celebrate the birthday boy getting older, and even got a little bit of a lightning show to finish the night off.

We started the morning off with a swim before a hearty cooked breaky.

Breakfast time with the crew

By this time it was quite warm and time to head for the lake for a swim. You can tell i was quite relaxed and chilled out as i was filming but pretty much forgot to take any photos!

The afternoon included a game of putt putt golf with the kids and a sunset fly with the drone , where i found ‘sports’ mode! Lets just say this Maverick needs a few more lessons LOL

After our droning we talk a drive and wander around the point before heading back for a feed of chicken wings.

mmm chicken wings

I think its safe to say that we will be back … here’s a quick video of our weekend …..

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Cubbyhouse Christening

Remember the crew from a few weeks back at Camp on Allyn? Well one of the tenters decided to upgrade and got themselves a little Avan Camper, so we decided to stay close to home and christen the “cubbyhouse”.

We made a quick getaway after finishing work, getting to the park – Blacksmiths Beachside Holiday Park – just before the office closed to pick up our gate codes and keys.

We hadn’t long pulled in before the others arrived and we got everyone set up.

Our set up in the unpowered area

The Cubbyhouse

Before settling in for the night.

Beer, Wine, Cheese – yep we’re settled in okay.

We awoke the next morning to a beautiful day and after an easy cookup for breaky under the awesome covered BBQ area before hitching up the pups and heading to the beach to cool off. The water was magic!

Blacksmiths Beach

Incoming Skydiver


It took us a little bit of walking and scouting but we found a spot for the pups to get onto the beach and into the water – they loved it.


Flo being Flo!

Mr Brian.


Playing around with the camera on the phone – not too bad


There were quite a few of these guys on the edge of the beach thankfully didnt see any in the water.

We had a lovely weekend relaxing so much so i don’t think we took any other pictures LOL.

If you’re looking for a park around the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area this is a fabulous little park, facilities are great and obviously there is a doggy option – just bring the aeroguard the sand-flies were pretty ferocious on the Saturday night.



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Chalky Rising

Todays ritual sunrise was Chalky Beach, im not actually sure if this is the official name, or a name that we know it by. It is a bit of a secret but not a secret spot at Swansea, NSW. The area has a beautiful small sandy beach/cove with a brilliant rock platform that works on both low and high tides. Today the tide was incoming with a high scheduled at about 8am – well after we would be finished.

As usual we arrived about 45 minutes before sun up and already there was some colour on the horizon, so it was looking promising for a decent sunrise.

Its always a bit interesting at places like chalky walking around the rock platforms in the dark trying to work out where you want to shoot from, wondering what the swell and tides might be bring and what will happen with the light. After a few visits to the same spot its a little bit easier to read these factors, but nature at its best will always teach you to be aware and expect the unexpected.

I like to try and shoot from different angles and different spots each session to try and maximise the variety of shots but also my knowledge of the area.

Following the recent bush fires once the sun started to come it it was clear the smoke, dust, ash and haze hadnt cleared off just yet – a bright red sun made its appearance on the horizon and didn’t dial down until it had climbed well above the horizon.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from today:


Breaking the horizon:

Looking South:

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