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Three Rivers Run – Day 5 – Balranald to Wentworth

Well the rain eventually stopped late last night and we woke to blue cloudy skies. We hung and draped all out wet gear out whilst we had our first hot cooked breakfast which was a nice change to the ‘interesting’ tasting Gluten Free Coco Pops ripoffs. With breakfast done and the van all packed up, we left Leeroy in the safe hands of the park whilst we went exploring on nearby Yanga National Park.

Yanga National Park – Homestead

Unfortunately due to the wet weather the campgrounds were closed when we stopped yesterday, so we were hopeful the homestead and woolshed would still be open. We were in luck both were open and they are amazing.

The homestead is in such a beautiful location overlooking the Lakes on both sides of the house. The English garden would be so gorgeous when in flower and everything has been preserved brilliantly.

The front of the Homestead. The section to the left is the original, the part straight ahead was added at a later time.
The ‘newer’ section.
The gardens.
Different view of the Original Homestead from the gardens.
Walk through the garden, under the arbor and out to this view!
Looking back to the Homestead
More views over the lake from the backyard

A few pictures from around the grounds of the Homestead:

View out onto the other lake
Lots of old equipment around the grounds

Yanga Woolshed

After we had finished exploring the homestead,  we headed down the road to the Woolshed.

The woolshed, what can I say other than I could go on for ages. Its huge, it’s beautiful, it’s nostalgic, it’s so well kept, it still smells like they were shearing there yesterday, I loved it.

The Woolshed !
Scales and Wool Press
Wool Press
Did someone say waffles!
It’s as if the workers are at smoko not gone for good
Sorting table and bays
15 Shearing Bays on each side of the shed
The scale of the shed is very hard to capture
If those floors could talk…
Come inside
Sleeping Quarters – Two to a Room !
Charlie’s tyres a little stuck with the mud

After our exploring was done it was back to the caravan park to pick up Leeroy and get on our way. We were headed towards Mildura and stopped along the way at Lake Benanee. I don’t know what makes it the colour it is but it reminded us of glacier fed lakes in Canada.


I also hooked up the GoPro in the car for some road time-lapses (I still haven’t quite got the hang of retrieval and editing of them yet!)

We crossed the border into Victoria, and arrived in Mildura mid afternoon and even though we had been there before we couldn’t remember a thing about it!  Sorry about that Mildura!

We grabbed some fuel and took a few shots down by the river before making a decision to get to Wentworth for the night.

Murray River at Mildura


As we headed out of Mildura towards Wentworth we checked to see if the roads had re-opened or not .. Apparently not.


Once we arrived in Wentworth we headed for the junction of the two mighty rivers – the Murray and the Darling. Last time we were here was in 2009 and drought was crippling the outback. I’m so keen to do a comparison of the water levels, as the water level at the moment is pretty full.

Junction of the Mighty Murray and Darling Rivers

From the junction we headed to Lock No. 10 and it was here that you could see the serious amount of water moving through the system.

Lock No.10 was flowing
Lock No.10 looking very full

Our stop for the night was just downstream and we arrived as sunset was starting. We found a spot,  went for a lovely wander before heading back to set up and light our fire for the night.

Thegoa Lagoon
More water views from our campsite – up the Murray to Lock No.10
Another beautiful night for a campfire
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Three Rivers Run – Day 4 – Sandy Point to Balranald

We woke to a little rain and decided to pack up whilst it was only lightly sprinkling before heading into town to the visitor centre.

Shear Outback – the Shearers Hall Of Fame

Armed with a little more regional info we headed to the outskirts of Hay to Shear Outback – the Shearers Hall Of Fame.


We wandered around the museum for quite awhile. It’s not a big museum but it had a lot interesting artifacts, recorded interviews and photos.

An old stone wheel used to sharpen the shears and wool press
Union Tickets
It’s all in the crimples
The evolution of Shears

They also do three live shearing demonstrations.  We had missed the first one, so we headed back to camp to hook Leeroy up and come back in time to catch the next one.


The shearing shed where the demonstration is held is actually an old Murray Downs shearing shed that they dismantled, and transported to Hay for reassembly specifically for the museum – quite amazing really.

holding pens
Early style wheel geared shearing mechinisms
Newer engine powered shearing gear
Wool Press and Sorting Table
Wool Press
The exit pens

We had a quick bite to eat at the cafe attached to the museum, which was obviously also popular with the locals and oh boy did those gluten filled scones look amazing or what!!! Tash is being sympathetic and hasn’t yet indulged in any gluten yumminess, even though I’ve been pointing out the bakeries and cake shops – well someone else might call it scoffing rather than pointing out lol.


After lunch we got hack on the road and headed towards Balranald. We weren’t sure how much of the rain they had received so had a few options as to where we might spend the night if the free camps were closed due to wet roads.

It rained reasonably steady all the way to Balranald so we opted for the warm showers and camp kitchen at the Balranald Caravan Park.

We still had our water views
Leeroy hiding in among the trees
Murrumbidgee River

It rained very consistency for the night, so we were thankful to have the camp kitchen to cook in.