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Instameet – Redhead Beach

Even though the weather had been terrible all morning and it wasn’t looking like it was going to get any better, I packed all my gear and headed off to our scheduled I’m at a meeting, after all it was scheduled for cuppa and cake and sunset 😊

The weather wasn’t any better across the tracks and down the coast when we arrived at redhead. The cafe looked after us nicely with hot drinks and hot chips and we all looked after the laughter and fun under the shelter of the surf club.

The weather was coming and going but the light was amazing and perfect for some long exposures. I grabbed my gear out the car, loaded up a 3 stop NiSi Filter and headed to the water.

I started off shooting the patterns created by the run off from the car park down to the ocean.



I then spotted the lovely green moss on this rock.


The tide was going out but there was still quite a swell so you have to keep your wits about when you’re playing in amongst the rocks as its easy to get you’re gear damaged or even written off if the sea claims it.

There is a little hole on one end of the rocks at redhead that the ocean has slowly carved out that on the right angle looks like a heart and i was keen to try and get a shot of the water coming through it.


As always seems to be the case I like to get in amongst the flow and by doing so I usually end up wet and today was no exception. Given the outside temperature the water temps were quite pleasant.

Mel, known as @leftofthemiddle in the Insta world had managed to get her hands on some Wilde gluten free beer.  They make a Raspberry Pale Ale and a straight Pale Ale, which is really good timing i guess given my recent move to a Gluten Free diet.Of course we made sure we got a group photo with the beer – props only of course 😊


The weather came back through so we retreated for a little while and once it cleared I headed to the northern end of the beach as I hadn’t shot there before and the wave action across the rocks was looking pretty sweet. _DSC0842

It’s important to watch the waves for a bit before you start shooting so you can see the sets and where the water is coming in as well as going out, because if the in and out flow collide you can find yourself in a bit of trouble pretty quickly.


It was about this point that I went from having wet ankles to being drenched to the thighs, but I got the shots I wanted and get me gear dry and safe.


We topped off a great afternoon with a hilarious dinner and a few drinks at the Mattara Hotel.


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