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‘Bungles to Brissie – #8 – Glasshouse Mountains

We left Allora and Dalrymple Creek Park behind after spending a bit of time trying to work out where we were going next. We were a little under-prepared for this part of the trip. We need to be in Brisbane on Monday (its Friday) for the trailer to go back to the factory for some repairs and work. We are heading to some mates north of Brisbane for Saturday/Sunday as they have kindly agreed to hold some of our stuff that we need to remove from the trailer whilst its at the factory, but hadn’t anticipated being this efficient in our travels LOL so we essentially now have a day spare and no idea where to go.

After a bit of map searching we opted to head towards the Glass House Mountains. We haven’t been there before and after looking at Wikicamps (if you like to camp and don’t have it seriously go to the App Store pay and download it, its so worth it) the options were somewhat limited and the available options didn’t have glowing recommendations, so we were taking a bit of a punt on a caravan park in the glass house mountains.

We stopped for a stretch break at Esk and headed into the Visitor Centre to grab some info on the mountains – there wasn’t any. This probably should have a been sign.

Esk Visitor Centre

With the Caravan Park loaded into the GPS we headed towards the mountains and more dark clouds hanging around. We found the caravan park, drove in and essentially drove straight back out. The wikicamp comments were well lets say on point!

Landsborough Pines Caravan Park

So after some more searching, we found a park about 15km up the road at Landsborough, and as it turns out not too far from Australia Zoo. We headed to Landsborough Pines Caravan Park, set up the trailer and decided to try and beat the weather and go for a look see of the mountains.

Landsborough Pines caravan park

Glasshouse Mountains

We headed down along the Old Gympie Road towards the main Glass House Mountains National Park lookout. These mountains and the surrounding plains are the ancestral home of the Jinibara people and Kabi Kabi people.

According to Jinibara peoples’ lore and custom, Beerwah is the ancestral pregnant mother and Tibrogargan is the father with his faithful dingo, Ngungun, lying at his feet. Around the parents are their children—Coonowrin the eldest, Beerburrum, Coochin, Elimbah, Tibberoowuccum, Miketeebumulgrai, Tunbubudla and the youngest known today as Wild Horse Mountain.

We pulled into a few lookouts along the way.

Mt Coonowrin, 377m

There are many stories from the indigenous peoples of the land in relation to the mountains however the main story seems to go – Coonowrin is said to be the son of Tibrogargan and Beerwah. During a violent storm, Tibrogargan commanded his son Coonowrin to take his mother Beerwah and his siblings and help them move to safety. Being scared of the storm, Coonowrin instead ran off and when his father found him he hit him on the back of the head, resulting in Coonowrin’s crooked neck. Tibrogargan was so ashamed of his son’s cowardice that to this day he sits with his back to Coonowrin.

Mt Ngungun, 253m
Trail Head.

We stopped at the trail head to check out the walks, discovering most are 3km or over. So given the time of day and impending weather walking appeared to be off the list.

From here we headed to the main lookout. The lookout is about 10km from the Glass House Mountains township, in Beerburrum West State Forest and apparently offers panoramic views of the mountain peaks, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Brisbane and Moreton Island, just not today LOL.

Mt Coonowrin and Mt Ngungun
Mt Cogee and Mt Tibrogargan
Mt Cogee, Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Beerburrum


10" x 20" Photo Print of Mt Cogee, Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Beerburrum


The Twins – Mount Tunbubudla
Storm incoming.

With storm on approach we left the lookout and started to make our way back to the park. We stopped at the Tibrogargan trail head carpark to check out the walks.

Tibrogargan trail head
Tibrogargan trail head – facilities
Tibrogargan trail head

With the rain holding out, we opted to quickly head up the Mountain View Lookout trail.

Junction on the Mountain View lookout trail
The Twins
Mt Beerwah and Mt Coonowrin
Coming back down the trail
Mt Beerwah
The Twins – almost disappearing in the storm

With the rain now well and truly coming down we headed back to the camp to dry out the chairs and settle in for the evening.

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Smiggins Hole

Snow season is just around the corner, so that means its sundancer adventure time down in the Snowy Mountains. After a long night shooting Vivid in the city we headed off from our less then 5 star hotel in western Sydney, destination Smiggin Holes, Kosciuszko National Park and our most palatial 5 star ski chalet!

After a quick bite to eat in Cooma we headed on down the highway with a short stop to shoot the Cooma Tors, fields of big granite boulders that line the paddocks along the highway.

Cooma Rocks

We met the crew in Jindabyne did the shopping and headed up to the ski lodge.

We did a quick trip to Charlottes Pass for sunset that was a bit of a fizzer but its always love to stand up on the top lookout, looking out at the majestic snowy mountain ranges and beautiful gum trees.

Charlottes Snow Gums

We also decided to try some trails down on the Rennix trail.

Stars Trail Rennix Trail

Unfortunately the trails were a lot shorter than we had planned due to temperature dropping quite significantly and my lens starting to freeze over i had to call it quits.

Saturday morning it was an early rise and a 1.5km hike in the dark into Rainbow Lake for sunrise. Once the fog finally lifted the sun broke through the clouds and found its way down the hill and onto the lake.

After a hearty breaky it was over to Thredbo and up the chair lift to find what little snow had actually fallen. We walked to the Kosciuszko Lookout as some of the others had made a decision not to walk and we had already on a previous  trip walked to the summit.

Snaking Creek

Rams Head Rocks

After a long walk one needs to rehydrate so we stopped off for a hot chocolate with a little extra shot of baileys to warm us back up and then headed back down the mountain on the chairlifts bound for the schnapps distillery back in Crackenback.

Sunday morning the weather wasn’t quite pleasant enough for a sunrise but by breaky we decided to brave it anyway and try to get some atmospheric shots of the beautiful gums up around Charlottes Pass.

Leaning Gums

The weather didn’t clear up much during the day but we still headed in the 4 wheel drives to see what we could find which aside from getting very wet wasn’t a great deal. Just as we thought that sunset was going to be hidden altogether by the weather when suddenly the clouds parted and the light started to come through, so we grabbed our gear and darted up the road to see what we could capture.

Spencers Valley

We trialled some more milky way shots this time not so far from the house and the warmth 🙂

Milky Way Rd

Unfortunately it was then time to pack and get a good nights sleep before our trip home tomorrow with another wonderful trip with great mates almost at its end.

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