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‘Bungles to Brissie – #5 – Terry Hie Hie

Tuesday morning! Normal Business day – hooray! We got up and headed a few streets up to the Dunlop mechanics we had spied on Saturday hoping they would be able to fix the tyre today (and somewhat quickly). We were in luck. We dropped the truck and headed to the cafe for breakfast. Well what else were we supposed to do !!!!

With a little bit of shopping under our belt – an array of odds and ends that would make you laugh, we got the text to say the truck was ready.

Saturday’s lunch pub – The Imperial .. and rocking some solar
The breakfast cafe – Sisterellea’s Cafe (Black and White sign)
The Clock Tower
And Memorial

So with Charlie looking a little more flash with his proper tyre back on and spare under the rear we headed back to the park to collect Leeroy and get back on our way.

Looking slightly better


We drove through to Narrabri and stopped at the always helpful and welcoming Visitor Centre to grab some information (and update some old ones). I had sort of forgotten/not realised that it was cotton harvest time, thinking it was later in April. So i was pretty stoked to see this display and hear that the cotton was out and ready to be harvested.

Cotton display at the VC, hopefully a good sign

Not too far into our drive our first crop of cotton for the trip was spotted.

Terry Hie Hie Aboriginal Area

We were making our way to Terry Hie Hie Aboriginal Area, 50km south-east of Moree. Terry Hie Hie features six significant cultural reserves.

Beginning at Terry Hie Hie picnic area, Yana-y Warruwi walking track offers a scenic stroll through the beautiful vegetation surrounding the township.

Information board at the start of the walk.

The traditional Kamilaroi Aboriginal People once used this area for important ceremonial gatherings, and evidence of this usage still remains in the form of axe-grinding grooves on rocks.

Starting with cypress pine and silver leaf ironbark woodland, the track then weaves through open grassland and smooth bark apple woodland.

Ezzy’s Crossing

With sunlight starting to run out, we made the run to our next camp spot at Ezzy’s Crossing near Gravesend, just in time for a beautiful sunset.

Pull up, reverse in
Pop the top and it’s beer o’clock
And sunset sets all around you.
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St George to Warwick, well actually Ipswich

We woke to another overcast sky, so much for QLD beautiful one day and perfect the next 🙂

We decided to skip the usual road trip/camping breakfast of coco-pops and hit the bakery. so we packed up and headed down the main street only to find the bakery closed! arghhh foiled by our own stomachs 🙁


So with empty tummies we headed on out of St George on another quest for sunflowers, this time around the Warwick area. As we headed out of St George it was nice to see some blue sky, which had cleared up a little whilst we were hunting sweet treats, and also the irrigation canals filled with water with lush green cotton crops stretching out as far as the eye can see.

_DSC6177 (Medium)

It didn’t take long for the blue skies to be replaced with looming storms and as we approached Goondiwindi the lush green was replaced with the vast brown land and then wheat fields.

_DSC6216 (Medium)

I pulled over to capture some of the wheat fields and within no time at all from getting back on the road again the rain had started again, this time much heavier than we had had for the past few days. It was coming down reasonably heavy by the time we arrived in Goondiwindi.

As we were here nearly twelve months ago we thought we would pay the river a visit and see what the level difference was – only thing was we couldn’t remember, so just as well we were able to go back and check last years blog – it seems the river hasn’t moved which i guess is a good and bad thing, good that it hasn’t gone down any further but bad that they haven’t had any rain to lift the levels.

(This Year)

_DSC6244 (Medium)


(Last Year)

_DSC2271_1 ACR (Small)

We stopped and had a trusty pie for lunch at the local bakery and then got back on the road with Warwick as our destination, to hopefully capture some more sunflowers.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long before “Huey” decided to throw down the rain in serious bucket load drops for about the next two hours, making for an intense drive at times as there was almost as much water already on the road as there was coming down onto, coupled with road trains throwing another pool load over us 🙂 .. the joys of road tripping!

Once we arrived into Warwick and the rain was still coming down, the mountains all around were shrouded in clouds we decided that there wasn’t going to be much sunflower shooting today, so we decided to head to Ipswich to be closer to our appointment tomorrow.

(A few from Tash whilst we were driving out of Warwick)

IMAG0121          IMAG0125          IMAG0126

So we continued to drive through the rain, although not as heavy thankfully and arrived into Ipswich as “Huey” threw it done again. We booked into a hotel – this whole tent thing is just not going to cut it in this weather. But true to form QLD weather, the sun broke through with another great sunset unfortunately not knowing Ipswich at all we could see it but couldn’t get to a spot to capture it 🙁