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Dolphins off King Edward Park

With the truck still at the car dealership getting its gearbox fixed our weekend plans had taken an unexpected turn, so we headed into King Edward Park, which is known for one of the best views in the city and also for its whale and dolphin watching vantage point.

The whales seem to be a bit quieter this year, or maybe we just haven’t had the same amount of time to stare out into the blue abyss hoping to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures cruising their way north for warmer waters.

Almost as soon as we pulled up we spotted a pod of dolphins playing in the waves. I grabbed my camera and shot off a few frames, thinking they would disappear pretty quickly.

Dolphin Wave
Dolphin Surfing

Whilst we were fixed on the dolphins we heard a plane, which isn’t that unusual as the park is on the flight path for the airport but this wasn’t a commercial jet – it was Matt Hall – famous Red Bull Racer. The Care flight chopper also decided to join in the fun.

The dolphins were still frolicking up and down the beach so i managed to get a few more shots and some video footage.

They were having so much fin chasing the waves, jumping and diving out the back of them.

We were sorry to see them finally swim off about an hour later.

This little guy had been sitting on the telegraph pole keeping an eye on us for a while.

It’s possible he was watching for food, not us LOL

As the wind started to pick up, and the end of sunlight for the day was approaching we headed for home only to be greeted by these two beauties outside the front door.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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Mungo Run 2017 – Day 8 – Kinchega to Cobar

The morning didn’t start off too great when we managed to not put a stabiliser leg up correctly resulting in a very cracked stabiliser leg needing to be removed from the van before we’d even left the campsite *Sigh*.

The offending leg

After fixing our little ‘issue’ and getting on the road, we headed back to the fuel stop in town to fill up and grab another of those ice cold chocolate milks.

Menindee-Wilcannia Road

It was then onto the Menindee-Wilcannia Rd to start the homeward trek. The track across to Wilcannia was one of the more difficult we encountered, lots of different roads, sandy, loose gravel, corrugated, hard dirt with about 150km taking us nearly 3 hours.

Hard Red top road
The landscape changed almost as much as the road.


The boys are not very clean!
The rains from about 4 weeks ago has painted some lovely greens across the plains.
Chunky gravel is always fun – or not so much!
A very dry Bonley Creek, creek bed.
The rains have collected in the little streams but haven’t made their way to the creek, creating a little green oasis along the roadside.

Oh my goodness i love these little guys. We found them hanging out on one of the floodplains by the roadside. Of course they were hanging out where the water was still pooled, which also meant the road had suffered when the rains went through and the road crew had ‘fixed’ the road with a few inches of slippery, boggy sand – not so good for pulling over with a truck and trailer.

After pulling a few U-Turns we managed to find an edge hard enough to pull over on and attempted to get some shots, unfortunately all the little skittish birds scared them off before i get any decent photos.

Needed waders and camouflage to get any closer, oh and no little skittish birdies.
Black necked stilts
Ducks flying away
Ducks landing
More ducks


We arrived into Wilcannia and conducted the always glamorous task of emptying and cleaning the porta-pottie. There are some totally stunning, and absolutely unexpected sandstone buildings. An unexpected spot to put on the “return to” list.

Historic sandstone building possibly used by merchants trading on the Darling River
Police Station

From Wilcannia we were headed for our stop for the night – Cobar. We arrived at Newey Reserve, a gorgeous free camp site right next to the reservoir.

Newey Reserve – Cobar

The Newey was built in 1910 as a 150,000 cubic yard reservoir in an attempt to combat the lack of water Cobar suffers.
In times of rain, the reservoir is big enough for recreational power boats to use.
Yay more Spoonies!


… and there they go again LOL
A great little spot for kids to fish and play.
Pop the Top and we’re done for the night.
Cooking dinner by sunset.
Sunset over the Reservoir.



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Garden Rugby

Today we headed up the road a little bit to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens at Roodepoort . The gardens are just beautiful, such a large open space so close to the city that i never knew about before this trip. We explored the gardens and climbed to the top of the ridge for a bit of a view. Phew hiking at 1700m above sea level is pretty serious effort !!!

Witpoortjie Waterfall
black-headed heron (Ardea melanocephala)
Mating Butterflies
Koppie Foam Grasshopper (Dictyophorus spumans)
Black Headed Oriole
weaver birds’ nests hang from the trees
“Parktown prawn” is a common name for Libanasidus vittatus
A view of the gardens from the ridge, the cone thatch roof is the entrance

From the gardens we grabbed some ingredients for breaky tomorrow, a quick bite to eat for lunch and then headed home from where we headed off to get Charmaine from work, Dylan from Cricket and then onto Ellis Stadium for Super Rugby.




As it turned out the local team, the lions schooled themselves in how to lose a football pretty darn well, so in other words they lost ! but it was a brilliant night.

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Back of Bourke and Beyond

Bourke Weir

Before heading out of town we headed out to the weir and old locks. The river is running but its clear its much lower than the ‘old’ days when the lock would have been in use. looking at the lock today i don’t think there would be anyone using it even if the water level did allow it, the banks, trees and grass have taken over at both ends of the lock.

Picture of Bourke Weir NSW
Bourke Weir

Back on the Road

From the lock we headed out of Bourke and once on the town limits the GPS says straight 250km. That’s when you know you’re getting pretty close to outback Australia. The roads are straighter, the dirt gets redder, the semi trailers become baby road trains and the wildlife likes to play chicken with you!

The scenery changes regularly from barren expanses of nothing to scrub to grassy tree lands.

We hit the QLD border and with no border control in sight we crossed over without incident 🙂

Picture of a border crossing Queensland
Welcome to Queensland


It didn’t take long to realise we were in QLD when we saw camels! they were in a paddock so fair chance they were being farmed for either meat or milk but still camels ! there were also some grumpy cows that didn’t like their photos being taken and decided to upset the camels and scare them away – not happy !

Picture of numerous Camels in Australia
What’s a bunch of camels called ?

We passed quite a few more eeemoos (emus) and this time a few were very close to the side of the road without fences so i decided to pull up and try to get a few shots.

Picture of an Australian Emu
We love seeking Emu’s


Around lunchtime we hit Cunnamulla and it was a very quite Sunday with not a soul stirring. We did catch up with the Cunnamulla Fella though.

We continued on along the straight road which the GPS helpfully advised as we left Cunnamulla turn left in 288Km – yep we can take it from here thanks !

As we got closer to St George the pasture turned greener and it was evident that some decent rains had fallen in the past few weeks across these plain, lush green grass almost unnatural in colour surrounded us.

We’ve seen 6 or 7 pairs of eagles, 3 times now they have been sitting atop the carcass of roadkill by the roadside. But you do think that they will stay there as we zip by and try to pull up and get a photo! as we left Bollon i cat and moused this little b#$tard up the road and managed to get this shot.

Picture of an Australian Eagle
Finally got a shot!

St George

Once we arrived in St George we checked in to the park and headed down to the river to check out the river and weir.

We did some bird watching on the downside of the weir as one of the gates was slightly up

Sunset was looking might it do something so we headed back out on the highway where we came in.

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Wetland Sunrise

After taking a late train home from Sydney after a function and arriving home only a few hours before sunrise, i thought why not! So with the alarm set and a few hours of drifting sleep we headed off to the Hunter Wetlands Centre at Shortland (Newcastle, NSW) with the Sundance group.

It took a little while for me to get moving (and thinking) and just in too, as the colour started to sweep across the pond as the sun rose above the horizon.

Wetland Sunrise

I turned around and took a longer exposure picture of the welcome centre

Welcome Centre at sunrise

Once the colour of the sunrise had disappeared we focused on the black swan family paddling around the pond – the little cygnets are so fluffy and cute!

Swan Family

Once we had had our fill of the little swan family we headed off around the walking trails to see what else we could find.

Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret #3

Magpie Geese




There are quite a few trails to explore and i think when i am not dead tired on my feet we will head back again

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