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A feast to behold

A dunno what sort of hotel my mate is running but it bloody wakes up at 6am – what the hell!

After crashing out completely last night and the hotel waking up at 6 we had a lovely cuppa and sat around chatting for a while before we headed to the shops to get a few things for the house and so we could get cash and the essential food I had been craving and missing.

Once we had finished at the shops we grabbed a light early lunch as we were on strict instructions from Charmaine’s sister to eat light and early before the hens night tonight.

We had an awesome highvelt storm before we getting ready to go with thunder and lightning and rain – it was brilliant 🙂

Late afternoon we headed to Charmaine’s folks place for drinks before the hems night feast to end all feasts.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 7pm and from that point onwards until 11.30pm they kept serving plate after plate of food – 15 courses in total.

The food was completely amazing and each dish was so completely different to the previous and next that it was hard for the brain and tastebuds to keep up or even balance them out.

Each of the dishes came with a matched cocktail, wine or dessert wine/port. So not only were we being stuffed full of food but we mixing drinks like you couldn’t even plan if you tried. Thankfully they were only small so we were able to end the night completely stuffed full of food but not also wrecked which was nice.

We headed home to crash as we were both feeling the effects of having landed just over 30 hours earlier.

Some of the dishes …

Tomato several ways
Cucumber several ways
One of the cocktails
One of the lamb dishes
Chocolate Forest dessert
Final 15th plate
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Welcome to Africa

We arrived in Africa on time to a beautiful blue sky. The flight was very good, only about 2/3rds full so we didn’t need to share with anyone else which is always nice.

Tash managed to get some sleep, I unfortunately didn’t but I did manage to watch nearly 6 movies lol. A couple weren’t bad but the others a bit ordinary. I watched Pride, Fury, Gone Girl, Before you go to sleep and kill the messenger and then part of Jack Reacher.

We wandered into the arrivals hoping for a quick passport control – unfortunately the non-visa lines were not being manned so we joined the long and winding visa queue for about an hour and half 🙁

The arrivals hall was stinking hot as the A/c was not on and we stupidly had forgot to fill out water bottles in the lounge, we did have a lovely chat with the couple’s in front and behind us to fill in the time.

We finally made it thru passport control and out to the arrivals hall where Charmaine and Lance were patiently waiting for us. We loaded up our gear and headed out to the highway to join the Friday afternoon peak hour traffic.

We arrived at Charmaine and Lance’s and enjoyed a refreshing beverage under the lapa whilst playing fetch with the puppies.

The lapa
Relaxing under the lapa
“Hotel” digs for the next little while
“Hotel” for the next little while

In true South African style the area where Charmaine and Lance was due for loading shedding that evening for several hours between 6.30-10.30pm . At the moment Eskimo (government energy provider) isn’t able to supply enough power to the country so they have implemented load shedding across the country.

To combat the no power situation we headed up the road to a pub – the Green & Gold – with a generator for some dinner. I had a lovely local dish – Pap and Vleis (rump steak, boerwors sausage with pap and spicy tomato sauce.

Pap and Vleis

By the time we finished dinner and headed home it was nearly 5am Saturday morning in Oz and about 8pm Friday night in South Africa meaning that we had been awake since about 6.30am on Friday Oz time and we were both starting to feel every minute of it.

We got home, I laid on the bed and it was lights out !

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An African Adventure

Well its time for another little adventure. It’s been awhile since we have had an overseas adventure and quite some time since we had an extended holiday so to say we are looking forward to it might be understating the obvious.

Although for a little while I must say it really did seem that we may just not make it, but we have.

So why Africa? Well my usual answer would be why the hell not! For me its like a second home, an almost been there in another life familiarity that my soul craves. But this time the answer is – for a wedding. Not just any wedding, the wedding of my best mate, a mate i met in matric (South Africa’s Yr 12) in 1996. We became almost inseparable by the end of the school year with her house and family like a second home to me.

Since we finished matric I’ve been back a couple of times and she has been here. Even with the timezones and oceans between and both leading busy lives we have always maintained contact so it’s a friendship I cherish dearly, so to be going back to see her get married is magical.

With a lot of last minute running around, packing and de-packing we made it to the train and headed to Sydney for the night last night. The Holiday Inn seems to be our taking point for international travel so it’s nice to be somewhere familiar before we head off.

As it usually is Tash has a half empty light a#se bag and mine is bulging at the seams and significantly heavier – the tripod, monopod and tripod heads may have something to do with that 🙂

wpid-wp-1423173197870.jpegWe had a lovely dinner and drink at the hotel last night and we are now sitting in the Qantas lounge enjoying a relaxing breakfast before it’s time to board. The view of the city from the lounge is interesting.


Well peeps that’s it from us for now, stay tuned and we will try to keep you updated with our adventures as we go along