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Fleeting Showers

After an exciting morning of cleaning gutters – yes it cant all be pretty photos and videos unfortunately – despite the fleeting showers of rain, we headed into the beach to see what was happening.

Just as we arrived it started to sprinkle, and then it cleared off enough for us to get out of the car and go for a little ‘look see’.

The difference from yesterday to today was quite stark. The pool was almost at it’s normal height only the odd wave was breaking across the back of it, and the canoe pool was almost empty.

The rain showers swept back in again, which was okay because we had met up with a good mate and we were happy chit chatting away.

When this shower cleared we ventured out from our protected vantage point and managed a few shots with the phone – the best camera you have is the one you have with you – and the big camera was safely dry and warm in the car.

As we wandered over to the canoe pool i spotted the biggest cuttlefish i have ever seen!

An almost empty canoe pool

With the rain coming back in, we set off to go home, but a break in the clouds had us heading for Strzelecki Lookout instead.

Storm or sunset, that was the question.

That little gap in the clouds had us waiting to see if sunset would amount to anything.

It’s always hard to pass up an opportunity to shoot ANZAC Memorial walk.

That gap is closing.

A glimpse of hope that the colour might pop.

Unfortunately in the end the storm won out over the sunset.

Merewether and Bar Beach disappearing through the rain.

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