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Ship Wrecked

After a week of windy weather, the skies were blue, the wind was almost non-existent, and we had a low tide for sunset, we decided to head over onto Stockton to check out some of the shipwrecks along the North Arm of the harbour.

There are quite a a few shipwrecks along the coastline and harbour edge, many often only visible at low tide.

With sunset quickly approaching and setting across the water, the light wasn’t great, but i decided to put Sparkie in the air anyway and have a good look around.

Gosh, what a sight they are!

Unless you’ve seen aerial shots before from the shoreline, its difficult to see that there are two hulls, let alone how big they are.

The remaining hulls of the Kate Tatham and the Sylvan.

Local historians date the wreck back to 1922 when then gravel barge was abandoned on the Hunter River foreshore. 15 years earlier, the Kate Tatham capsized and sank during a squall that struck Newcastle Harbour in the November. One crewman luckily escaped the 270 tonne ship.

The other wreck the Sylvan was an old iron-screw steamer, that was used as a log punt after sinking at a town wharf in 1921.

The sunsetting over the wrecks looking up the North Arm of the Hunter River to the Stockton Bridge

When we’d run out of drone battery we headed down river a little bit further to watch the sunset. There wasn’t a lot of colour or cloud but it was still a peaceful (and not too chilly) way to finish the day.

Sunset over the working harbour
Looking downstream towards the city.

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