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‘Bungles to Brissie – #3 – the big loop!

We woke for a loo stop about 6am to find two of the three kids awake, pretending not to be wandering around the vans and camp .. maybe they weren’t … but it was Easter Sunday and chocolate was up for grabs!

The Easter Hunt

A little while later after the littlest one was awake, the Easter egg hunt was underway. We had already spied some of the Easter bunnies handiwork and had laid dibs on some of the eggs if the kids didn’t find them. Unfortunately they outsmarted us on this occasion. But Janelle had us covered so we still had chocolate Easter eggs with our breakfast!

After a big day for some of us yesterday, we got off to a slightly later and slower start this morning. We started the day with a big cook up of bacon, eggs, hash browns and of course the Easter eggs, after all it was Easter Sunday and Tash’s birthday.

After breaky we headed off in search of pottery and artesian bores – yep things that don’t normally go together, but when your talking about the Pilliga, they go together.

Pilliga Pottery

From Tooraweenah we headed up the Newell Hwy and then onto the dirt road that takes you to Pilliga Pottery, a world famous pottery institution, where are artists come to learn and teach

Cafe and shop
Outdoor area and shop
Some of the pottery on display and for sale
The famous Blue Wren design
The kids cracking out some designs
Watching her draw this with so much ease was quite amazing
The famous Blue Wren
The factory floor

Watching the potter turn the clay from nothing into this was mesmerising. he did it with such ease, but watch his arms and legs, it takes the whole body to work the clay and machine.

Narrabri Telescope

We had a quick stop at the telescope just outside of Narrabri. The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), at the Narrabri Observatory, is an array of six 22-m antennas used for radio astronomy and is located about 25 km west of the town. The last time we were here it was December and about 45 degrees, so at around 33 degrees it was far more pleasant to visit!

Big but not as big the Parkes “The Dish”
The Array
The Selfie
The beasts all lined again
Hmmm we tried the “oh what a feeling” .. not sure we got there  … 📷 Linda Wilson

Pilliga Bore Baths

From the pottery we headed back to the Newell Hwy for a little bit for turning for the dirt roads but not before we all thought the convoy leader (not naming any names Laurence) was taking us to Narrabri for lunch!

After what felt like quite a long time, we arrived at out much anticipated destination for the day – the artesian bore baths of Pilliga where a lovely spring fed warm mineral bath awaited the bodies of the Grand High Top walkers from yesterday.

In response to the town’s diminishing water supply after several years of drought, in 1902 Pilliga sank a bore 560 metres and we can still enjoy its benefits today. The bore has a continuous in-flow to the pool and an out-take on the other side, ensuring the water is always fresh although a little bit of chlorine is apparently added each week when they get cleaned to help control the algae on the sides and floor.


The baths were a little bit busy when we first arrived but once our party of 12 arrived they all scattered. Well not really but we did have the baths to ourselves for a little bit.

Back at Tooraweenah

We arrived home just before sunset after driving through some beautiful agricultural lands including a sunflower patch (that we didn’t stop for, the skippys were coming out in force so it was time to get home)

Leeroy all set up
Still chasing the shade


Tonight’s feast was BBQ and once again the chefs and Linda excelled and we all ate like kings.

The 2nd feast     📷 Linda Wilson

The girls even organised a little sparkler on the dessert for Tash’s birthday which was just super lovely.

Surprise     📷 Linda Wilson
Writing her name i think 😂       📷 Linda Wilson

After a long day driving and with home on the horizon for the rest of the crew tomorrow we had a reasonable early night.


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