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‘bungles to Brissie – #2 – Grand High Tops.

Some where between Happy Hour and Good Friday drinks at the Pub we agreed to do sunrise on top of the Warrumbungles. Trev managed to suck us in real good on this one!

Grand High Tops

So after getting to bed at about midnight, we awoke to our alarms at the allotted 3am time slot and got ourselves dressed and into the cars.

We headed off up the road for about 30 to 40 mins trying to dodge the roo’s at 10 paces. Unfortunately one didn’t turn quick enough. i saw him coming at the side of the car and was like uh-oh this isn’t going to be good! He turned and as he’s swing around his tail had gone thump, I’ve gone gulp, and picked up the CB – Trev he got me. Trev – you wanna stop. I’m like I can’t hear weird noises but it didn’t sound good. Nah keep going I think we’re okay.

We arrive at the parking lot get out the torches, and thankfully his tail has swiped the side wheel fairing on the truck. It’s still there in one piece but busted – we’ll deal with that when we come back down.

By now it’s 4am and still dark but the full moon is shining so we probably didn’t need our torches but the track alternates from rocky to sandy to paved so the torches helped ensure we didn’t break a limb.

Ahead of us was an approximate 12km round trip taking us to Grand High Tops lookout and a birdseye view (and hopefully picture perfect) of sunrise over the infamous Breadknife of the Warrumbungles.

Warrumbungle National Park is Australia’s only Dark Sky Park, making it the perfect spot for stargazing, amateur astronomy and Astro photography, except when its a full moon! In January 2013 about 80% of the national park was destroyed by fire, so it was good to see the regeneration that has occurred over the past 5 years.

We made pretty good time for the first 4 odd kms and took a breather at the table and chairs.

I promise the others are there!

From here it was pretty much stairs and straight up for about 2km or a bit less, which took us a bit longer then the entire first section.

As we got closer to the top the moonlight was shining on one of the rock formations and we couldn’t resist a few quick photos.



We made it to top just as first light was breaking and it was a pretty sweet feeling I have to say.

First light breaking

We cranked out some shots for an hour or so before the girls started the climb back down.

Thanks for the photo Nelly !
Have you even climbed if you don’t get one of these?
Top group shot by another photographer who joined us just after daylight – Adam Resch

Trev and I still had a few more shots to get in the bag before we headed down.

Daylight is starting to sweep across the landscape
Always look behind. Just to the right but out of picture is Tooraweenah
Daylight on the Breadknife
Sunlight hits the western mountains
The sun hasn’t quite risen high enough to hit the breadknife
Boom, sunlight on the breadknife

It was quite fresh at first light particularly with sweaty wet shirts – haha yep too much information – but as the sun rose it was really pleasant up on top of the world or at least that what it seemed like.

The Long Way Down

We started the descent, and oh boy I have to say I wasn’t any way near as buggered coming up as thought (it was bloody tough but didn’t kill me) but geeez, how hard is coming down on the body.

I grabbed a few shots on the phone as we made our way down.

Trev and I seem to have shadows following us.
Legs meet stairs
And some more
Nature’s lego
The same rock formation we took before  daylight with the moonlight hitting it
The goat track for non jelly legs
More stairs but the view!

We hit the stairs and my legs were like jelly. The girls were waiting for us mid stairs and and once we hit the flat it was like a bunch of drunken sailors, our legs didn’t know what was going on.

Oh hey girls
Yep still more down there too
Just keep looking at the view
tash striding out on the stairwalk

Where the stairs meet the pavement
The view to the top
See i told you they were there!

Back down at river level
So so dry here
The start of the walk – didn’t even know these were here when went past them this morning

As we walked out groups were walking in and it was a pretty cool feeling knowing we were done and they were, well barely even getting started.

Roo Damage

We got back to the cars and I was able to survey the damage a little better and was quite relieved. It could have been a whole lot worse. I managed to remove the fairing without issue, however now poor Charlie had the spare tyre and missing fairing so he wasn’t looking too flash at all.

The damage
There i fixed it!

The other camp crew were meeting up with us in the park so we had time to chill out.

Visitor Centre

From the hike car park we headed to visitor centre where we showed the kids – big and little – where we had walked.

The gorgeous visitor centre

Siding Springs Observatory

We left the park and headed to Siding Springs Observatory to check out the telescopes.









Lunch in Coonabarrabran

Once we had all geeked out enough at the telescopes we headed into Coona (Coonabarrabran) to try to get our tyre fixed but being Easter Saturday everything was shut so we opted for lunch at the Pub instead.

With bellies full – well my roast barely touched the sides after kranking out 23,000 steps before 10.30am – we headed for camp via the Emu farm.


Time to Feast (Again)

Roast feast was on the menu back at camp for dinner as well, so for those that didn’t nanna nap the afternoon away preparations for the feast began,and my oh my what a feast it was. Linda excelled at both the shopping list for us all and the coordination of dinner. Safe to say none of us were hungry nor was it a late night 😂

Barely able to coherently talk and shower I was in bed and out to it by about 11.00pm.


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