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The Tops – Day 2

The cockatoo’s ensured we didn’t sleep in too long, but a bit longer than some of our camp mates who came in last night and were done bright and early this morning, leaving the campsite all to ourselves again.

Breeza Lookout

After breaky, we headed for the track which leads to Breeza lookout. We haven’t ventured to this end of the park before. The road is a dry weather track, and given the total fire ban in place I was pretty surprised at just how wet the track was one we passed over the Great Dividing Range. It’s about 30km and took us about an hour going pretty cruisey to get to the lookout.

It was also pretty hazy from the smoke over this side, but the view is still pretty nice. About a third, maybe halfway along the way along the track you make your way over the Great Dividing Range and out of the Warrumbungles Ranges into the Liverpool Ranges.

As we usually do we forgot to hook the GoPro up before we headed off so for the last bit of the track we stuck my phone up in the bracket to capture a bit of the trail, unfortunately we remembered after the mud 🙁 next time I’ll try to remember in the mud 😊

By the time we had traversed the track back again Charlie was looking a little dirty.

We stopped at Bald Hills Falls, which has some very cool vertical column geological structures, however the waterfall wasn’t falling today.

From the falls we headed to Brackens Hut, where the afternoon storm was starting to brew a little bit earlier than usual.

These pretty little flowers can be found all around the hut.

So can these but not sure I’d call them pretty!

Last time we were up here Coxs Creek Campground was closed due to storm damage, so had a little look see at it before heading back to Bundella Lookout.

And a short stroll out to the Pinnacles Lookout. I considered throwing the drone up here but seriously it’s already pretty awesome!

For those playing along – yep old mate is still camped in the no camp area at the lookout 🤔🙄 We headed back to camp for a late lunch, and with the campsite all to ourselves I took the drone for a fly.

Barracks Campground

How civilised are we! We even showed this weekend – shower tent and all!

Grass Trees Walk

After an early rain sprinkle we headed back to the grass trees with the drone.

OMG Drone Selfies!!!! How cool are these trees!

No trees, drones or humans were injured in the making of this, and yes I still have a way to go before losing my L Plates 😂

As we’re sitting back taking in an afternoon beveridge, that sound you don’t want to hearing – a tree cracking and falling. I managed to see where this one was as it was across the road, so we figured we’d go look see. This is why we don’t camp under trees, even when they aren’t dead they crack and fall.

The small watering hole just below camp.

We got the expected afternoon storm before dinner which didn’t eventuate into much and we able to enjoy a nice relaxing evening.

We woke to the sound of rain in the roof, which is usually very pleasant, but not on pack up day. So after a slow start to the morning we started the pack up and only just in time too. As we came out of the campground, and out onto the main road, the heavens opened and absolutely bucketed down, so it was definitely time to set the GPS for home after another super relaxing weekend at Coolah 👍👍


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