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The Tops – Day 1

With an early finish from work, we loaded the last minute items into the car and trailer and hit the road for a weekend of camping. With a bit of traffic and a few trucks we were chasing the last remaining light pretty hard by the time we arrived at Coolah Tops National Park.

Night time arrival

Having been here before is a big bonus so we knew exactly where we wanted to go and even which site we wanted. We arrived at the campground just after dark and headed to our spot, probably one of best 3 sites at this campground – level, good solar and no big arse gum trees hanging over your head – unfortunately someone else was already in a spot near it, which obviously you want to avoid where possible.

Everyone loves their space, but also I wasn’t going to camp under the dry, tall gum trees that hang over the other sites. The third site is a bitch to manoeuvre into which didn’t appeal in the dark. So we jumped out to check the site out just in case there weren’t logs etc on it and old mate next door, well he gets up off his chair comes storming over and in broken English tells us to go camping somewhere else, with arms and hands waving everywhere.

At first I’m like whoa this dudes crazy then after a few seconds I’m like nope he’s just an entitled old prick who wants the whole campground to himself. So as he’s still waving and yelling at us, we reverse onto our site trying to work out if we should be worried or laughing.

We probably haven’t even got the top popped before the rain starts. Lol lol lol the Rainmakers are at it again.

The park is under a very unusual Fire Ban due to the dryness – not tonight people not tonight! So snacks for dinner and a lightning show it was, with old mate finally succumbing to the rain and venturing into his van and off went the music that had kept increasing in volume, shame it was country music which we like 😂😂😂

A new day

An early night with the sound of rain on the roof and bit of grumbling across the sky and we woke up to blue skies and old mate is hitching up. What the hell! No idea if they were only planning to stay one night or literally weren’t staying because someone else had the audacity to camp here too.

With old mate gone we got up and got to work putting the awning up and leveling the van.

A trip out to the lookout had us in stitches as we come around the bend to see old mate pulled up under the trees – almost went over and told him its a day use area only and camping isn’t allowed but thought better of it 😂😂

It’s quite a spectacular view from Bundella.

We came through quite a bit of smoke last night so I was surprised just how far we could see today.

We were pretty hungry by this point given we hadn’t had dinner and it was mid morning, so we headed back to camp for a good old brunch fry up 🐷 🐣 🐮.

It’s a hard life this camping business!

Actually some days I think it is for Tash, I’m not sure i know how to sit and do nothing. So I’m always fiddling with something, looking at something, standing, sitting.. Yeah you get the picture!

Drone Play

I got myself a small drone before Christmas and have had endless problems getting it to connect, but I think I’ve finally figured out the sequence, and got it up today without any swearing in about 2 minutes flat. A view of our camp from up high.

These gorgeous flowers were growing along one of the paths around camp. There must be thousands of these guys up here, the noise is sometimes almost unbearable, especially at 7am!

Grass Trees

With the skies starting to grumble to again and boredom getting the better of me, we took the short walk from camp to the Grove of grass trees. Even got the drone up a second time, in amongst the grass trees – little bit scary really haven’t mastered the whole steering aspect yet.

It’s so dry up and not hard to see why the fire ban is in place. The predicted 5pm storm rolled on through and we got a little more rain, at least the canvas is getting a free clean judging by the red water collecting in the buckets. Showers, dinner and a somewhat earlier night finished off a pretty decent day.


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