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Mungo Run – Day 3 – Ivanhoe to Mungo NP

After a snugly night under the doona we woke to a cool 16 feels like 13 Christmas morning in Ivanhoe. The caravan park sits behind the corner store/petrol station and we were in need of fuel so we had a sleep in as fuel wasn’t opening until 9am. We called home and spoke to our folks for Christmas Day before making tracks for Mungo NP.

Merry Christmas from Charlie, Leeroy, Tash and I

Chasing Wildlife on the dirt roads

Can you spot the emu’s! Darn things were happily drinking away as we drove on past but oh no get out and walk towards them with a camera and off they run! I guess at least Im heading towards my 10,000 steps 😔

Emu’s at a waterhole

It didn’t take long before we hit the dry weather only signs and the red dirt roads. These are the roads we’ll travel for the next few days at least. It’s only about 200km but I was allowing anywhere from 4 to 6hrs as road conditions can vary significantly out here.

Dry Weather Only roads ahead
Cute little shingleback didn’t run away from me!
Lots of little king billies about. We even went thru and experimental area where they are using goats to eradicate noxious weeds. Interesting as they are still seen as pests in most outback areas.

Mungo National Park

WhooHoo we finally made it !!!

The boys are pretty darn dirty. Surprisingly after the rains the roads were in really good condition and we made good time to the park.

At the entry to the Park, yay we finally made it!
Traditional welcome to country boards greet you at the entries to the park. The park is managed by the three surrounding tribes in partnership with National Parks. The boards are greetings in the three tribal languages.
The land was simmering from the heat, and i couldn’t seem to capture it very well. This is shot looking back from where we’ve come at the northern entry to the park.

We followed the Ivanhoe/Menindee Rd and weaved our way into the park, arriving at about 2ish approximately 4 hours later which was pretty good timing with a few camera stops and a snack break along the way.

Sand Dunes! They look huge from way over here!

Lake Mungo

Once we were all settled into camp we wandered through camp to the lookout track.

The obligatory selfie 🤳

Christmas Sunset

Early Christmas dinner, well earlish anyways when sunset is 8.30pm, so we could hunt out a sunset location.

Sunset was a bit of a fizzer both colour and location, but there was plenty of wildlife to take in.

Merry Christmas 🎄
Emu on Sunset

Night Sky

Star trails of the southern sky. I saw 3 shooting stars this night and not a single one was to the south.
Southern sky from the campground. You can see the southern cross just to the left of the tree on the right hand side.

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