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Mungo Run – Day 2 – Peak Hill to Ivanhoe

Our morning at Bogan Weir, began a little something like this exchange …

T – tapping my arm

T – Babe sunrise

E – huh (it’s really not clear if I’m awake)

T – sunrise

E – **sits up in bed looks out window looks at T**

E – it’s a line of orange light behind a row of trees shut up and go back to sleep

T – so no sunrise then 😂😂

After waking a little bit later to the sounds of birds we watched the birds on the river before packing up and heading back into town.

Peak Hill

We arrived earlier then the tourist info centre was open so we wandered up the street, popped the lotto in (fingers crossed we can stay on the road forever!) and checked out the community manger in the gardens.

Christmas in Peak Hill

We grabbed a few maps and bits and pieces from the Info centre and headed up to the Peak Hill mine experience.

Peak Hill Mine

An old open cut gold mine no longer in use that you can walk around. It was only about 36 degrees at 10am so of course we opted for the full boundary walk.

Peak Hill Mine
I think these guys have been in the sun a little too much!
The main open cut gold mine
Looking back over the township of Peak Hill

The Walk and facilities.

The walk is pretty interesting as it takes you past the 4 different mining areas. The track is well maintained and signposted with benches scattered along it if you need a rest.

There’s a large car park with some pull through parks for longer vehicles or vehicle towing, like we are.

At the start of the walk there is a good bubbler for drinking and filling water bottles, which was very welcome at the end of our walk. There is also a toilet.

The track and safety fence

From Peak Hill we headed across the dirt tracks to Trundle. Along the way we found sunflowers – Yay who would have thought it!


Given it was both Sunday and Christmas Eve Trundle was pretty quite which made the huge wide main street seem even more ginormous.

The huge Trundle Pub. Luckily the pub was open, serving cold drinks and hot pizza.

The veranda is the widest in the country so I believe. 

We sat up on the balcony enjoying the refreshing 40 degree shade and breeze with a lovely view if the main street.

We were taking to the publican who said she’s just been awarded a State Government grant to help her finish off the balcony decking. It’s so great to see old pubs like this one being restored and looked after for the next generations to enjoy.

We criss crossed the dirt roads and highways spotting some spoonbills drinking at the waterholes along the side of the road that are still full after the rains a few weeks ago. We also spotted our first emu which is always a good sign that you’ve left the crazy city well behind.

From Trundle we made a decision to head straight to Ivanhoe and coff up for a caravan park (and showers) giving us a shorter drive into Mungo NP on Christmas day.

Red Dirt, Blue Skies – Doesn’t get better than this!

Back on the black top again . Stormy clouds … maybe, maybe not

A little oasis from the rainfall a few weeks ago

Lake Cargelligo

Round silos at Lake Cargelligo . I’m a bit of a sucker for wheat silos no real idea why but I am and I particularly love these rounds ones.


We arrived into Ivanhoe just before 7pm which is when the park closes! After traveling the states in an RV park closes times really baffle us. It’s always a battle between not disturbing campers who are ready there but seriously 7pm in summer in a remote area is insane and the number one reason we free camp.

The park is small, has power, showers/toilets and that’s about it. At $28 a night it’s a bit expensive but it is what it is – they need to make a living we wanted somewhere to stay.

Our campsite for the night

We love the dirt roads, these little piles all over the carpet at the end of the day not so much 🙄

By the time we arrived a cool breeze and blowing and we were enjoying some munchies, because after that pizza dinner was not needed!

After having made the call that sunset wasn’t doing anything, yep you guessed it some pretty colours lit up the sky for about an hour, but given we’d already cracked a cold one, so I wasn’t going anywhere so whilst Tash enjoyed the sunset I sulked 😂


With a lovely cool breeze we sat outside watching the stars and listening to the pub patrons enjoy Christmas Eve until about 10.30 when if you can believe it, it got a bit a cool. By about 1am that cool breeze morphed into a bloody cold breeze requiring the doona to be retrieved from the seat it had been relegated too not that much earlier on.


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