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Mungo Run – Day 1 – Newy to Bogan Weir.

Work is done for 2017 and we’re heading west hoping to get to Mungo National Park after rain foiled our attempt last August.

Branxton Rest Area, becoming a usual first safety stop on these trips

The usual safety check stop at the rest stop on the expressway out of town.

Dunedoo Tors

The Tors, are on the highway heading west into Dunedoo.

Dunedoo Tors

Magpies keeping watch over me

Everyone is looking for shade 😃

The boys (and Tash in the a/c) sitting patiently for the photographer.

“Moreton Bay” Gate entry

Them’s the kinda roads we like

Lunch Stop


We stopped for lunch at the Cassillis rest stop. This is a great spot for a quick stop it overnight stay, with covered tables and chairs and toilets. It’s mainly a truck stop but you can stay overnight down the back away from the trucks (so they can access their much needed rest breaks).

Bogan Weir

Bogan Weir

Not as Bogan as it’s name 😂 .. A great free camp next to the river about 10 mins out of the town if Peak Hill. There are no toilets, water or power so you do need to be self sufficient. The bugs and mozzies were pretty awful for around an hour and half at sunset. however the mirror like views across the river from our campsite did make them somewhat bearable (once they were gone!)

Our campsite for the night.
The river view – a few weeks back the river was in flood.
The Weir

With camp set up we wandered down to the weir from the campsite.

Its very tranquil

The bird life started to come out as the sun started to dip down

Hmm as enticing as the swing is I don’t think so
As sunset descends the animals wander to the water

It was peaceful until the locals came out.

Cows across the river

Noisy locals drinking at the river.

These little guys just wanted a drink.

Noisy locals at the watering hole.



We even got a bit of colour at sunset


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