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Canada ’17 – Sydney to Vancouver.

Well let’s start with we made it!!!

What a week. I’ve been involved in negotiating a new enterprise agreement for the organization i work for for the past 3.5 years – yes 3.5 years, and as always happens Murphys Law kicks in. It’s all wrapping up and getting to the final stage this week, of all weeks!

So i headed to Canberra in the car, i wasn’t trusting planes or trains to get me home this week, and it meant i had maximum time in Canberra to try and get everything that needs to be done, done before i get on the plane.

I arrived home after a huge few days at about midnight on Thursday night, to finish packing and making sure we had everything we needed to get on that plane on Friday.

We made it to the train station about 7am, with hopefully everything we need, ready to make the trek to Sydney.

We arrived in Sydney safely and on time.


It was a pretty quick clearance and then onto the lounge for some much needed breaky before boarding the flight.

Before we knew it, it was boarding time, yay, here we go!

First Leg Selfie

I don’t sleep very well on long hauls, well actually i rarely sleep at all, so i love getting the window seat and watching the world literally fly by.

Land Ahoy – Mainland US of A, San Francisco.

The famous fog and clouds of San Francisco

Having asked in Sydney if we needed to collect bags, we checked again as we went through US Customs, no all is okay the transfer will handle it, we made our way through a very busy customs and San Francisco airport, to our Air Canada gate with less time I’m comfortable with but we made it.

2nd leg selfie
Later San Fran.

I love looking out the window so day flights are great for me. The patterns blow me away both man made and natural.

The flight from San Fran to Vancouver had more visual delights for me than i imagined – Volcano’s … hadn’t even thought about it but as soon as i saw the first one, i was a little bit excited that maybe maybe, just we would fly near Mt St Helens. In the end i wasn’t 100% sure about St Helen’s but wow what a view!

The view coming into Vancouver is spectacular the snow caped mountains, the forests, the city, its just spectacular.

We made our way through the very lovely (and efficient) Vancouver airport.

Vancouver Airport

There is a very strong link with the indigenous people throughout the airport.

After waiting at the baggage carousel for a long time, it was clear despite asking different times and places, our bags weren’t on a transfer, so we headed to the lost bags desk and the very helpful staff located our bags and ensured they would be on one of the next two flights, and they would deliver to our accommodation.

Whilst not ideal it certainly could have been worse, so we headed off to grab the rental vehicle and find our way to our accommodation – our first Air BnB experience. I was a little hesitant to use the service, but with so many friends and family having had brilliant experiences we decided this trip to give it a go. The first place had already been in contact with directions and a passcode so it was promising so far. We had opted to stay out of the city a little bit but near transport so we could explore further afield but also get to the city easily.

We arrived at the premises and wow, what a gem of a place it was.

The owners, a couple with young child arrived home not long after us, and they were delightful, so friendly and helpful. They even had public transport cards (with money loaded) for us to use. So we took the bus down the road to try and get a sim card for the phone (wow what an ordeal that was and data is hugely expensive in Canada) and grab some dinner before heading home for some sleep, hopefully otherwise I’m not sure both of us will be finishing this trip, apparently 60hours without sleep is about my functioning capacity before Tash takes drastic action.


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  1. So Suspenseful guys! love the selfies and the overview! How cool are the crop circles!

    1. Haha, geez you’re quick! Going back and adding this trip to the blog as I was using a different platform back then. They were amazing almost makes me believe in crop circles 😂

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