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Coolah take two

Thankfully now with the car fixed and the camper re-loaded and work (hopefully) done and dusted for the year, we were back on the road again. We decided to chance our luck twice and head back to Coolah Tops NP. We made a quick pit stop for fuel in Merriwa, gave the tumbling old shack a wave and kept on trucking for the tops.

Barracks Campground

We arrived about 6pm to find The Barracks campground almost full (with a few campers still there from our last attempt). We pulled up to the campsite right smack in the middle of the campground – which i hate.


I know its a site and i know you can use it but i always feel like its that site everyone looks at and goes urgh do really you have to have that one. it’s on the path to the toilet for two thirds of the campground, its right next to the shelter and central campfire pit and does that mean people feel like they cant use it? Maybe, maybe not but we set up for a one nighter hoping that maybe someone would be packing up tomorrow and we could dive into their site.

We had a lovely evening around the fire pit, watching the stars, listening to the owls hoot their signals across the range, and being reminded by the weird noises that we weren’t in the city anymore Toto!



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