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Three Rivers Run – Day 7 – Menindee & Broken Hill.

It was a bit of a wild night in Broken Hill, no we didn’t get arrested, just windy and wet!

Broken Hill Racecourse

With the rain coming down we didn’t make too much effort to get up and going this morning. We are camped right on the end of the row and with underground irrigation for the track we aren’t able to put pegs down so the awning didn’t go up and the wind was coming straight onto the van and blew some water in at the door. Before we headed off we set up the portable car awning over the door area just in case the weather got any wilder whilst we were out.


We headed out on the road to Menindee and the weather was pretty bleak. There was a little bit of water across some of the fords and dips and it didn’t look like stopping anytime soon. I couldn’t help but stop and get a picture of the flowers covering the fields on either side of the road.

The fields are covered in flowers

As we approached the township we came across the first of many road closed signs:

Road to the Main Weir – Closed
Road into Kinchega NP – Closed
Road to Wentworth – Closed
Road to Wilcannia – Closed
Road to Ivanhoe – Closed

It was becoming obvious pretty quickly that Menindee was pretty much the end of the road at the moment. We drove around where we could and got a few looks at the Darling flowing before heading to the pub for some grub.

Maiden’s Hotel Menindee
Delish country pub food

With full bellies we conceded defeat and set for ‘home’ stopping by Copi Hollow and Sunset Strip for a few shots of Pamamaroo Lake and a dry Lake Menindee.

Lake Pamamaroo
Sunset Strip

Coming back the fords and dips that had a little hit of water in them were starting to spread across the road and a few were actually starting to fill a little. The weather looked to be clearing as we neared Broken Hill and by the time we got back to camp the sun had broken through and thankfully the wind had died off.

Taking advantage of the break in the weather we hung out wet gear up to dry and sat back and relaxed until we decided that sunset might actually be a goer.

Living Desert and Sculptures Reserve

We headed to the Living Desert and Sculptures Reserve just out of town for a nice sunset.

Rain on the horizon
Sunset starting to colour the clouds
Sun Star at Sunset
Sculptures – The Bride
Sculptures – A present for Fred Hollows

Dinner tonight was at the local Chinese as battling the wind and cold with the gas burners again just wasn’t very appealing.


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  1. The lamb cutlets at Menindee were awesome!

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