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Three Rivers Run – Day 6 – Wentworth to Broken Hill

We had a lovely night around the fire, the temperature wasn’t as cool as the past few nights so we roasted a few marshmallows and enjoyed the peace and quiet of our surroundings and our few and far between neighbours.

Thegoa Lagoon
The rain has sprouted pretty flowers in the forests

Tash woke up for sunrise and wandered to the river edge and reported back grey clouds so I rolled over and went back to sleep as I haven’t been sleeping all that well. I think its safe to say that she isn’t going to last much longer as my weather/light reporter.

We were starting to get the hang of this holiday thing, so we had a lovely cooked birthday breakfast (cooked by myself!) before packing up and heading off.

It’s pretty hard this camping thing!

As we headed out of town we couldn’t help but stop at the Lock again.


Perry Sandhills

Just out of the town of Wentworth is Perry Sandhills. The sandhills cover an area of approximately 160 hectares, and have been formed over the past 40,000 years by wind erosion and are continually shifting due to the wind.

As turned off the main road to head to the dunes i noticed an Roads vehicle sitting on the edge of the road, I’m not sure why but i as we went past them i took a few looks in the mirror, thinking oh boy they probably haven’t seen our camper before and i wondered if they might try to do a ‘once over’ on us. We pulled into the carpark and as i got out of the car i saw the roads vehicle pull up beside us with their lights on and i all i could think was “i don’t have time for this!” … turns out the two guys were keen campers and hadn’t seen our camper before but weren’t quick enough to catch the name, so came after us figuring the dunes were a pretty good guess as to where we headed. It was quite funny in the end and we ended up chatting to them for about 20 minutes and showing them all over the camper.

We explored the dunes for a little while enjoying the beautiful sunshine but knowing it was time to move on.

As the dunes have shifted and grown they have engulfed the trees.
It’s quite a sight from the top looking out over the farms and back to the town.
The weather watching being King of the Dunes
The boys are also enjoying the trip.

We had a quick lunch stop down by the river.

Being self-sufficient makes life on the road a little easier.
Bunne Rungee Rest Area, Great Darling Anabranch Bridge

Broken Hill

We were headed for Broken Hill and by the looks of it straight into a decent storm. Thankfully we managed to skirt round the edge of it.

The storm we skirted around the edges of.
Silver City Highway heading into Broken Hill.

We headed out to the racecourse once we arrived in the Hill to set up camp. We headed back to town and up the hill to the The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial. It is also a symbolic and spiritual representation of the human tragedy of more than 800 deaths since mining commenced in Broken Hill in 1883. The Line of Lode is the ore body that bisects the town.

Memorial with the town behind.
Line of Lode Memorial
The memorial to the 800 or more miners who lost their lives working along the Line of Lode.

The views from the memorial are pretty spectacular.

Broken Hill
It’s a little strange seeing green and not a big red dust bowl.


With sunset closing in on us, we decided to take a very quick trip out to Silverton. With only a week of holidays and lots of closed roads, we have had to take the long way around and we were now working out our priorities and unfortunately Silverton this trip drew a short straw.

Silverton Municipal Chambers
The famous Silverton pub
An old church at Silverton
One of the old Silverton relics

I was hoping for a sunset but it wasn’t to be.  The clouds off Mundi Mundi lookout looking out across the plains were pretty sweet.

Mundi Mundi Plains.

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