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Three Rivers Run – Day 2 – Kandos to Weddin NP

Brrrrrrr that’s all I have to say about last night. OMG it was fresh. We woke to little droplets on our heads as the condensation and probably ice started to melt from all over the camper! I sent my trusty side kick outside to see what was going on! The report back was Jack was here. I threw the phone and said get some pics cause I’m staying here where it’s warm!!

Frosty Morning at Kandos

I was eventually drawn out of my warm cacoon by a hot cuppa and the warming of the sun on the camper (and those drops were bloody cold). We wiped the camper over and took a wander in the morning sunshine over the old train station.

Kandos is a small town on the Bylong Valley Way and was established in 1913 to take advantage of local supplies of limestone. The town was originally named Candos, an acronym of the Board of NSW Cement, Lime and Coal Co Ltd. In 1915, the name Candos was considered too similar to Chandos in South Australia, and the name was changed to Kandos

We had a chinwag to a local walking his puppy whilst we packing up and were on our way by about 9.30am.  We had made a decision to get to Bathurst fill up and then make a decision as to where to next.

With fuel on board and maps at the ready the decision was made next stop Cowra – we were taking this decision making carefully.

The landscape along the way is so green its crazy.

Green Green Fields

We made a quick lunch stop at the Blayney wind farm. Located on Lake Carcoar the farm has 15 turbines and was the largest farm in Australia at the time of its original construction.

Blayney wind farm
Quick lunch stop at the wind farm


We then stopped by the beautiful historic village of Millthorp located just outside of Blayney. The village is classified by the National Trust and is very well kept, with some of the buildings having been renovated and restored to fit within the National Trust feel of the village but with a modern almost hipster look and feel.

Chasing Canola

The roads into (and out of) Cowra are lined with canola – I can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.  The smell when you step out of the car is unmistakable I love it.

Golden Fields of Canola in and around Cowra
Golden Fields of Canola in and around Cowra
Leeroy and Charlie taking in the sights as well
Rows upon rows of Canola

We made a quick stop at Cowra Woolies for some extra fruit and a few things we had forgot in our hasty packing and were back on the road again. We didn’t stop in Cowra as we had spent some time there, about this time last year.

With a little bit of research on the awesome Wikicamps App, we had made a decision to camp at Ben Halls Cave in the Weddin Mountains National Park.

Weddin Mountains National Park

We arrived about 4.30pm which meant that we had time to set up before it was dark which is kind of a novelty for us! This park and campground is a little piece of secret gold. It’s a beautiful little campground with about a dozen van sites and plenty of tent sites, although there are warnings about falling tree branches. The facilities are limited but there are toilet facilities, picnic tables and fire pits. It is a gravel road for access, which i imagine with too much more water could get messy and the creek entry could mean that it would get closed in severe rains.

Our campsite
This little brook was right behind our van, a beautiful sound to go to sleep too
The forest is very lush and we saw quite a few roos on the way in

We even had time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.

With clear skies above i had a muck around with the camera and some night shots.

enjoying the warmth of the fire
Night sky photography
Leeroy at night
Milky Way

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