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Coastal Wanderings

We started the morning off early with a sunrise at Catherine Hill Bay as part of an instagram meet organiser by Catherine (@treesandsea) and Dan (@hikeandsea)

Catherine Hill Bay

We arrived just as light was breaking i could see the rocks were covered in moss, and I cannot resist rocky moss shots.


There wasn’t a lot of cloud but there was some nice pastels and the sun was behind the clouds to the south making shooting conditions a little bit easier.


The tide was really low and there rocks that I hadn’t seen there previously – it’s always nice to find new things or perspectives at a place you have shot a few times before.




After sunrise we headed back towards Newcastle grabbed a hot drink (and maybe some hash browns) from Macca D’s before heading out towards Swansea heads for a wander around a little beach.

Swansea Heads

With the tide still low we were all able to wander around the rock pools trying to spot starfish and sea Anemones.


After wandering around for a while I realised that we were on headland I had shot many times previously with Sundancers, but we would always come in from the south due to the tides. Today we were able to walk all the way around.




After fishing around in the rock pools we headed south again back to Catherine Hill Bay but not to the jetty. Moonee beach was our stopping point and Ghosties cave was our destination.

Moonee Beach

The walk along and around the beach was just gorgeous, it was like a warm spring day not winter.


We arrived at the cave and it was pretty awesome. The tide was starting to come in and oh boy the water was super fresh! We headed through the little slot and then the cave opens up some more and you get this view.


It’s pretty amazing to think this is on our doorstep and we’ve never been to it!


We hung out in the cave and sunshine for a little bit longer before making our way back to the cars.


The clouds were pretty awesome on the walk back to the cars.



With the early start, and having clocked 10,000 steps on the fitbit on the walk to the cave we were all starving so next stop on our wandering was Murray’s Beach.

The group had lunch at the cafe, but not knowing the gluten free options we had come prepared with our own lunch. We sat by the lake with the kookaburras watching over us enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

From lunch we headed further south this time to Munmorah State Reserve for some more cave hunting.

Munmorah State Reserve

The first cave was huge but it also came with a difficult edge of the cliff scramble that I’m not sure I’d do again particularly given that you can’t get inside the cave.





After scrabbling down and then obviously back up again we headed to another part of the park in search of our final stop (the others were shooting sunset at Long Jetty.

We made the trek down to this beautiful little cove where there were a number of caves but due to the tides, the temperature of the water (and a little afternoon fatigue setting in) we didn’t venture into the caves – another time.

Having made it back up to top and cracked over 20,000 on the Fitbit it was time to drive home and sit in the couch for a little bit!


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