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Cleveland Point Sunset

A colleague posted a photo of a lighthouse whilst i was Brisbane working and I knew that she lived in the vicinity of where I was heading the next day so I asked for the location and in between my meetings I headed there to check out the sunset potential (thanks Elaine!)


Clearly mangrove lone trees is my thing this trip.

I grabbed a few quick shots before heading off to my next meetings with my sunset location confirmed.

I arrived back at the Point, thinking it would be high tide, but wonderfully it was still quite low although I could see the tide was starting to turn.


The clouds were looking promising and hadn’t done their disappearing act of the past two days so I was hopeful of some colour.


As I started to move around the little mangrove flat, that was quickly becoming a little island with the incoming tide i spotted this little dead tree.


As the tide started to flow in it created some great reflections.



As always its a good idea to turn around see what is behind you. When i turned around, the full moon had risen into the the sky and looked quite cool from down at water level.


As i was taking the shot above, i saw out of the corner of my eye that rainbow out on the horizon.


The colour really started to hit as the sun dipped behind the clouds on the horizon. Even with my filters the variance in light from the ground to the sky was significant, so i started to bracket – where you take a number of shots (in this instance 3) at different shutter speeds, and then in post processing blend those shots together.

These 3 images are my ‘base’ images for the following ‘blended’ image. You can see that there is a dark image, a middle image and a bright image. By blending the 3 images you get the best of each image and can draw out the details without it being too dark or blowing out the highlights.

_DSC1669 3 Blend Images


The clouds had started to roll in quite thick from the North, the colour was starting to disappear as the sun dipped below the horizon, and the mangrove flat was now almost a complete island.



I had to take one last shot before i packed up from the high ground of the carpark.



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