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Brighton Park Sunset

With my work meetings finished for the day, i had all my gear with me and I was keen to bag a sunset. I had been thinking i would head to Nudgee Beach, however, after a recommendation from a colleague to head to Brighton Park i decided to follow their recommendation and headed there instead.

Brighton is the northern most suburb of Brisbane, about 20km to the north of the CBD and is situated on Bramble Bay and the North Pine River.

I headed up the highway and past a roadside fire that was starting to create a fair bit of a headache for the firefighters. I was hopeful that it might help with some colour in the sky.

I pulled up at the park and was stoked to see this lone tree sitting among the mangroves with a quickly incoming tide. The park sits alongside the Hornibrook Bridge which made a different backdrop to the lone tree. The two bridges connect the City of Brisbane with Redcliffe City.

Unfortunately, the clouds that had been looking very good before i went in for my afternoon, had all but disappeared – super sad face.

The sun was slowly start to set to my left, and the smoke was drifting across the western horizon putting a little bit of colour in the sky.

It was quite windy which made for difficult long exposures, which is how you get the lovely smooth water look.

This was taken at shutter speed of 30 seconds. The water is now smooth however the longer exposure picks up the movement in the tree.

The cloudless sky to the west was a nice shade of yellow and you could see the smoke plume from the fire i had seen along the highway making its way across the western horizon being fanned by a reasonable wind. I spotted a few helicopters flying around the fire zone.

As the sun set i headed up to the old part of the bridge for a couple of shots before heading back to the city.

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