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Brisbane River Sunset

I’m in Brisbane for some meetings with my other other job for a few days, so i decided to take a walk over the bridge  and see what sunset had in stall. I’m not very familiar with Brisbane so i didn’t really have any spots in mind. The apartment where i’m staying is a few blocks from the Victoria Bridge at Southbank, so i figured that was as good a place as any to start. As i was walking over the bridge i caught sight of the Kurilpa Bridge and decided to make my way towards it.

Its a funky looking bridge and i could see a footpath running along side it, so i headed down it until i found a little pull-off/bench area to set up, as it was a busy little cycle/running track at that time of day.



By the time i arrived the sun was already starting to set and it was pretty clear that the clouds had all but disappeared and the location of the sun made for difficult shooting conditions as can been in the photo below.


As the sun started to dip below the horizon the city and bridge lights began to turn on.


I switched lenses and and had a play around with some long exposure shots.

Kurilpa Bridge
Victoria Bridge


William Jolly and Train bridge

I made my way back to the Victoria Bridge via the North Quay ferry dock. Even with a tripod, the wind, flow of the river and the ferries coming and going it’s difficult to get a perfectly clear image.

Southbank Arts Centre
Brisbane Eye

Whilst walking back over the bridge i couldn’t resist having a crack at some car trails, but the movement of the bridge from vehicles made it super difficult.



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