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Instameet – Eye on Sydney.

I was lucky enough to be invited to shoot a sunset from Centrepoint Tower in Sydney, now known as Sydney Tower Eye, with about 40 other Instagram photographers

We headed down on Saturday and had decided to stay the night, but due to the City 2 Surf being run (literally) on the Sunday morning we were staying out of the city. We hooked with another instagrammer where we were staying and headed to Epping station so we could catch the train into the city. We were jumping on the same train that a few of the coasties (central coast) had caught so we could all wander to the tower together.

Wrangling 40 off photographers and their gear in the middle of the city is no easy feat but as always Leftie had it all covered.

We made our way up to the observation deck where we were left to roam free 😊

Look at that harbour!
Shadow of the Tower over Hyde Park
Majestic Queen Vic domes
Two Harbour Icons
Through to the heads
Wedding at the fountain
St Mary’s Cathedral
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour

As sunset approached it was a bit of a scramble to find a vantage point. I found it really difficult shooting through the glass with all the reflections and was kicking myself for leaving my rubber lens hood at home as I think it might helped to isolate the inside reflections.

ANZAC Bridge
Coke Sign

Unfortunately we didn’t get the clouds like the night before which were totally dreamy,  so my sunset shots were pretty limited.  So I had a play at the end with some arty bokeh shots over the church and war memorial.

St Mary’s
War Memorial
St Mary’s by night
Church to Fountain
East of the City by night

Once we’d finished shooting it was off to dinner at Assamm Thai on the lower ground levels of the Queen Victoria building.

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