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Treescaping and Whale Hunting

This weekend we headed up to Port Stephens for a couple of nights. Last year we attended the Port Stephens Instasupermeet (instagram super meet), and were lucky enough to win a 2 night accommodation voucher at Port Stephens Treescape, and we were finally getting around to using it.

Treescapes is located at One Mile Beach, about 10 minutes from the heart of Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, and is set on 8 hectares of bushland and nestled on the edge of One Mile Beach and Samurai Beach sand dunes.

We arrived just after dark and accessed our key and park map via the after hours lock box, with the details Karen had messaged to us earlier. We were staying a One Bedroom Suite.

After settling in and putting our feet up for a little while, we headed down the road (about 7 minutes drive) to the Anna Bay Tavern. I’ve recently, for health reasons, removed Wheat from my diet, and this was the first time we have been away so we were unsure how it was all going to go.

As it turns out, the Tavern is very well setup for those of us seeking Gluten Free foods. We had a lovely dinner and beverage and I must say i was very surprised at just how big the tavern was.


Our whale watch cruise wasn’t due to sail until 11am, so we took advantage of the late start and headed into Nelson Bay for breakfast. We had been to a cafe when we were there for the instasupermeet with a friend who is Celiac, and she had been impressed with their knowledge and food handling so we were keen to head back there. We found the Cafe – Ethica Coffee House and had a lovely breakfast.


With our stomachs taken care of we headed to the wharf ready to board our whale watch cruise.

The seemingly calm waters of the bay were not what were waiting for us out in the bay and beyond the heads.

Unfortunately it wasn’t our day for whales, and unless they were right next to the boat or completely launch themselves out of the water, there was no way that we would have seen them in the swell and waves we encountered. Even without whales we still had a great cruise.

Our mate Mel joined us for the cruise.

I took a few videos with the GoPro to try and show the swells, but they don’t show up so well in the video’s. You can find them here – Video’s

After our cruise we met up with another friend Jane, and hung out for the afternoon, before slipping outside to catch the last of the sunset over the jetty.


We headed to the RSL for dinner with Mel and a few of her out of town mates. I’m beginning to think that my new food album is going to look a lot like a rabbit’s food album would !! Dinner at the RSL …

It was as big as it looks!

We had an earlish nite as i was starting to feel a little exhausted and bit icky again, and after being sick all week i didn’t want to push my luck with Mr Flu, which also meant that we gave sunrise a miss, and apparently it wasn’t too bad – doh !

Before departing we took a couple of more photo’s of Treescape.

Our Unit – the 300 block
Treescape by name and by nature.

On our way home we went exploring in a couple of the bays at Boat Harbour and Fishermans Bay, I’ll definitely be coming back here.

Kingsley Beach
Boat Harbour bay
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