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Nobby's Beach Sunrise

I headed out with a few of the other girls for a Sunday morning sunrise in support of “Photographers for the Environment”, a small but growing movement of photographers committed to cleaning up and keeping clean the areas that we shoot in.

We headed to Nobby’s beach and arrived to a bright orange line along the horizon and chilly breeze blowing across the sand.

Pre Dawn on Nobby’s Beach

One of the girls spotted a little seal playing in the water (after first calling shark:-) ), we started to wander up along the beach towards the lighthouse.


_DSC0493_Blend_1 FB
Nobby’s Lighthouse

We watched the sunrise over the ocean, something that I’m not sure i can ever get sick of (even if it does mean early morning wake ups!)

_DSC0504_1 FB
Sunrise over the ocean

After having watched the sunrise, we switched lenses hoping to spot a whale or two, when another friend Jen met us and busted us all with our big lenses turned to the ocean hoping to spot some whales, well all of us except Kazza LOL

Big Lenses are out (thanks for photo Jen!)

And what do you know, we actually spotted some:-) The first one took us all by surprise throwing itself out of the water, and judging by the wing (if you look closely in front of the boat) it was huge!!!

now thats a mighty big whale wing

We headed to slightly higher ground up on the dunes to watch some more.


We were a little cool and hungry by this stage so we slowly made our way back to the car park and coffee, where we spotted more whales close by. We made a decision to head around to the baths and when we got there, there were a couple of whales playing so close to shore it was unbelievable.

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