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Crescent Head – June Long Weekend

After an awesome weekend away in Walcha we were all keen to turn the camera’s onto some new scenery. Trev had done some research and the infamous cave at Crescent Head was due to line up with the sunrise over the June long weekend.

Crescent is a small seaside beach community about 3hrs north of Newcastle with plenty of photo ops.

Trev had organised a house for us all to stay in, and the families were coming along as well, so it was a full house literally. I finished work a lot later then i had hoped too, so it was well after dark and dinner by the time we arrived, which meant everyone had settled in and had already starting making some plans for sunrise.

An early start for sunrise and we headed to Pebbly Beach, a beautifully curved beach with glossy black rocks surrounding it leading around to a big headland at one end, called Big Nobby. The sunrise didn’t have much colour but those big black rocks didn’t disappoint.

Sunrise breaks over Pebbly Beach
After sunrise on Pebbly Beach

After a hearty BBQ breaky we headed off into Goolawah NP, where we took a lovely stroll along the beach up to Delicate Nobby.

The view from our house
Look at those clouds!
Delicate Nobby
A bad selfie  at Delicate Nobby

We continued on down towards Point Plomer checking out the coastline.

A drinking dinosaur .. maybe

We headed back to town, had some lunch and then made a decision to head north to South West Rocks, particularly Trial Bay Gaol.

Way too Cute!

With us all feeling the effects of the early start we headed back the Heads, to line up for sunset at the infamous cave. As we descended down the cliff, i wasn’t sure if the boys had a hidden plan to hide our bodies, but after scurrying around two blind rock faces, whilst trying to beat the rushing water and waves we made it into the cave, or tiny little space that wasn’t made for four photographers and their gear ! It was well worth it in the end.

Inside the Cave
Just outside the cave
Second Bay as sunset starts to fade on the horizon

We had a hearty chinese dinner, dragged our weary bodies back up the hill, readying ourselves for another sunrise.

With legs like concrete after a reasonable amount of walking we hauled ourselves back down the hill to Pebbly Beach again, as the sunrise wasn’t predicted to be brilliant we stayed close to home. A local photographer also joined us for the morning which was brilliant.

A nice moody sunrise
Using the moody light for some long exposures

With another sunrise under our belt, we headed back to the house for another beaut BBQ breaky, and to make plans for a “slow” day .. hmmm … didnt exactly turn out that way! Because a slow day means schlepping over sand dunes apparently LOL

Grassy Sand Dunes
Those black specs are people, yep these dunes are huge
Some cool dead trees, with the kids in the  background.

We stopped in at Hat Head, because who can resist old wooden bridges!

An incoming tide

After heading back to the house, a couple of us headed out for a drive along the beach, before deciding on the old (now busted and broken from the previous weeks huge east coast low) wooden bridge for sunset back in Crescent Head.

Putting my NiSi Filters to good use at sunset
Trev had called it  and was packed up, and then this happened 🙂

We had now been shooting pretty well from sunrise to sunset for two days, and we were beat, so it was pizza and an early night, before embarking on our third sunrise – yes we are gluttons for punishment.

Despite the weather predictions, we headed out to Delicate Nobby, and as we walked onto the beach there were a few sprinkles and an ominous looking sky. Not deterred we setup and grabbed a few frames.

The clouds looked threatening all morning
As I’m getting my feet i see the sun breaking through

I move around the rocks to see what shot i can get with the  sun breaking through,and  boom, these magnificent Crepuscular rays (g-d rays) appear on one side and the threatening storm on the other of Delicate Nobby.

Crepuscular Rays

After a quick breakfast we,  packed up and took a leisurely drive via Port Macquarie and Camden Haven -where we had an outstanding lunch at  Sandbar Cafe – and then it was back to the highway and home.

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