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East Coast Low

As predicted, the East Coast Low hit us this weekend, although thankfully Newcastle seemed to miss the worst of it. The swell and ginormous waves however didn’t! So when the waves are pumping in the harbour, and not outside, its time to head to the coast even if the winds are blowing a gale and the rain is coming down hard.

We headed to ‘usual’ – the ocean baths where if the swells and waves are really pumping the water will be flowing over the edge, and today was no different.

_DSC8827_1 FB.jpg
The swells and waves push through and over the ocean baths

A few of the other crazies had headed to the breakwall to see if the waves were breaking over the end and to catch the harbour surfers, so we headed back to them.

Walking out along the breakwall, the surfers were like little ants in the water
Some of the biggest waves I’ve seen inside the harbour
It was a busy day at the office
The waves were not small, and even a few tubes among them
Surfing the harbour
The swell and waves were crashing over the breakwall
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