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Anzac Long Weekend at Ferndale

We headed to Ferndale Park just out of Dungog in the Hunter Valley of NSW with some mates for the Anzac long weekend.It was quite funny when our mates told us where they were heading, as Dungog is where my family is born and bred, so it seemed quite funny to be going there to camp.

We hadn’t camped at Ferndale before and to be honest didn’t even realise that it existed, even though we have driven past it quite a number of times –  i love that camping gets us out exploring even close to home.

The weather was a bit all over the place for the weekend but we still had a ball and would definitely go back again. The park is reasonably large (and due to the weather we didn’t even venture across the river), with toilets and (hot) showers which for a bush camp are in great condition and there is also a pit toilet located on the other side of the park to the toilet block.

The river runs along the back of the area that we were camping in. Chichester Dam is just up the road and was flowing over the dam wall which was quite exciting.

All set up
The weekend crew enjoying the warmth of the fire

Not too many weeks back we had gone for a little trip to the Drifta factory at Gloucester to check out the snowpeak firepits, and we were pretty impressed. We had been tossing up a little Webber but the allure of a fire and being able to cooked over it was just too much to resist. We had given it a couple of goes at home with coals, this was out first attempt with wood

Our new SnowPeak Firepit (thanks to Drifta) kranked up.
A lit bit of rain wasn’t going to put our fire out
A foggy cool morning on sunday
Blue sky trying to take over
It broke through for a small period of time
Chichester Dam overflowing



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