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Caves Beach Catch Up

What a great morning we had, It was like an old reunion of sundancers at the cave this morning, even if it was a double sunrise weekend! Given it was a bit of a last minute kind of thing it was a fabulous morning with wonderful photography mates from the Newcastle Sundance photography group.

We spent the sunrise chatting, scurrying in and out of the cave trying to work out if the sunrise was going to pop some colour or not.

Inside the cave.
Out the other side of the cave
Sun is coming up
Low Tide means you can get through the cave to the other side
After sunrise

I won’t say it was an awesome sunrise bit it’s probably one of the better ones I’ve had at the cave which is always nice.

All topped off with a long conversation filled breaky… Breaky is sometimes the best thing about getting up for the sunrise.

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