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Easter at Lagoongrass

My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandma all live up north from Lismore to Brisbane so we don’t get to see them very often. Easter has become an opportunity for a few of us to gather at the family farm just outside of Lismore for a weekend of camping, dirt bikes and good times.

We had it all planned a few weeks out, the kids work schedules had been figured out (or so we thought!) and we keen as. That was until the North Coast received a little bit of rain, a little bit more than farmer/camp master Scotty was liking to keep the lower winter and summer campgrounds open! Well we hadn’t factored in a plan B and he threw us all into panic mode. With less than a week to go for Easter most of the campgrounds were full or concerned about access themselves. But all was to be okay … camp master Scotty set about preparing the upper campground for us.

Now when I talk about campground I might be being a little bit loose with the term, in that I mean my cousin Scotty has slashed and cleared a clearing in amongst his pecan trees and mowed a track around the fence line for the kids to ride the bikes. As for the winter or summer campgrounds well one is by the river and bit shady and the other is in the middle of the paddock with less shade. The upper campground, well that would refer to the small patch of land in from the the shed between the shed and farmhouse that was turned into our “oh fck it we don’t have a plan B campground”

He did amazing job to clear enough space for us to fit in whilst also still managing to keep the farm running.



A few more who would normally tent it, stayed inside with my aunt uncle and grandma meaning that we had plenty of space in the end 😁

We had a great weekend and even found some time in our busy schedule to go exploring at a nearby waterfall – Protesters Falls (see previous story)

_DSC7914_Blend_1 FB



Saturday night we headed to the speedway, but unfortunately it was washed out due to a massive storm that came over on Saturday night

The storm on our arrival at the Speedway
A couple came out to do a few laps to check the track – yep she’s wet and muddy

There is never any shortage of food thats for sure


A family selfie for those present (This is only about 1/4 of the family lol)

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