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Merewether Sunrise

I caught up with a few photography mates from Newcastle Sundance this morning at Merewether Ocean Baths. I’m not sure why but I’m not a fan of Merewether, and this morning i arrived to a huge bunch of runners, full carparks and cloudless skies. Needless to say it wasn’t helping my lack of love for the place! With my cranky pants on i headed down to the ocean baths had a lovely chat with some of the others and started looking for compositions.

This composition i stole off Mel who was already set up, and patiently laughed at my cranky pants! Thanks mate 🙂

_DSC7713_1 FB

The front pool isn’t often full and the reflections of the old bathers pavilion were too good to walk past.

_DSC7729_1 FB

I’m a sucker for water flow shots, so on went the filters and i headed over to the beach. As i was shooting the sun started to poke its head above the horizon


After getting a little bit wet from the waves, it was time to head back up to the busy pool deck.

_DSC7758_1 FB_DSC7761_1 FB_DSC7765_1 FB

With the sun now up i turned southwards to shoot the rushing swells to the side of the baths.

_DSC7771_1 FB_DSC7778_1 FB


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