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Introducing Leeroy

I’ve been working away interstate most weeks at the moment and our ability to get away on weekends had become quite limited and we have limited space at home to dry the old camper Thomas out if its wet when we pack up. It had became apparent to us that we were in need of something that would allow for quick getaways, setup and a quick dry pack up. We were also looking for a little more comfort if we are being honest 🙂

So the search for a possible replacement began probably around the middle of 2014. We researched and researched till our heads were ready to explode but we had a better idea of what we didn’t want and a little better idea of what we did want. We visited a couple of camping shows to ‘kick the tyres’ and were very impressed with the offerings from Lifestyle Campers in QLD. We made a quick visit to the showroom over the Christmas break in 2014 whilst visiting family and had a good look around at their products. We have been continually impressed with the level of service and amount of time the guys at Lifestyle have been willing to give us each time we have seen them at the showroom and at camping shows. Whilst still umming and arrring about what we were going to do Lifestyle released a new product – Breakaway 2 Plus 2 ! We were stoked as it was pretty much everything we had been looking for. So we took another trip to the factory to check it out and we were sold. We shook hands with John between Christmas and New Years in 2015 and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our 2 plus 2 !!!

He finally arrived last week !!

The first day was spent running around getting him over the weigh bridge, getting an authorised certificate and finally rego plates.

Than began the task of putting everything from Thomas into Leeroy and figuring our where it was all going to go – in the stinking heat sweating our butts off !!

IMAG2953 (Small)

We managed to get everything in and decided late or not we would head off, so we made a reservation at a park with late checkins and headed up the highway to Hawks Nest.


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