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Glenrock Waterfalls

I headed out with another local photographer to Glenrock State Conservation Area, which is about 5 kms to the south of the city of Newcastle. There are walking tracks, cycling tracks, waterfalls (after the rains), a lagoon and at the bottom of the reserve our beautiful coastline and awesome beaches.

It’s been a crazy week here in Newcastle with more than 200ml of rain falling in about 24 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday. I’ve been away working in Melbourne, so the weekend was my first chance to chase some waterfalls after all the rain.

We stopped at the upper cascades which usually don’t have much water flowing over them at all.

Upper Cascades

We then headed further into the reserve with a specific waterfall in mind, however we took a left instead of a right at a fork as we were making our way down to the creek and came across these little falls which I’ve named “Little Spout”.

Little Spout

We headed back up the gully to the fork and made our way down the correct track. The strength and and sheer volume of water that had come over the falls was evident in the amount of debris strewn around the falls, including some large planks of wood that would have been a railing off the bridge upstream or had railing along the upper tracks. The debris did make it difficult to find a composition that was pleasing to the eye.

Main Falls

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