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Kruger Park #2 .. or simply we Smashed it !!!!!

So there really isn’t too much to write to about today as the number of sightings was down significantly from yesterday  .. aww that suks doesn’t it !!! hmmm well ok not really 🙂 🙂

Our only sightings today were – Leopard, Cheetah, Rhino, Elephant, Rhino and umm something else, let me think .. oh yes thats right a live lion kill right in front of us – about 3 meters away, at one point i thought we going to be in the kill it was that crazy for about 15 seconds.

So okay the day was pretty bl**dy good !!!!!

We headed in via a different gate to – the Phabeni gate – and saw a giraffe and some elephants…


… before we came across an buffalo herd, a reasonably large one at that blocking the road.

Buffalo Crossing
Buffalo Crossing

We sat watched them slowly make there way across the road before on down the road a little more where we hit an animal jam – cars all over the road and necks straining in one direction – can only mean one thing Cats ! Yep Leopard down in the gully. As you can see the picture isnt pretty and isnt going to win any awards but this is a real life live leopard just doing its thing.

Leopard Sighting

We sat and watched whilst it wandered up the gully before disappearing into the grass.


After the leopard sighting we decided to head down one of the roads didn’t go on yesterday unfortunately the sightings were pretty low and the usual impala lining the sides of the roads


We came to an intersection and decided to get off this section and start to head back towards the area we were in yesterday. We came across the dam and were watching two Rhinos when a car pulled up and asked if we had seen the lion pride just off the road – which we hadnt – so we headed back up the road and there right beside the road is a big male lion. now i don’t know how tash missed him, it was her side of the road but she did !!! So we sat and watched him for a few minutes before he decided to cross the road in front of us and join a few of the females on the other side in the shade.

The one she missed !!!

We decided to see if we could get a better view from the top road, which we couldn’t so we made a decision to go back down to the dam. As we got closer to the stopping area impala starting running everywhere and suddenly there were about 6-7 lionesses running in all directions …

On the run

This poor girl was all like what happened where is everyone ..

Girls Im over here …

… and then we realised over in the shrubs they had caught one and the fighting, clambering and grunting had begun …

Stacks on

We stayed and watched them for probably an hour. It was quite amazing that they had decided to kill in the middle of the day so they must have been either bored or hungry, but i really don’t know how that little impala was going to feed the 7-8 of them given the big male took some fairly big chunks with him. We were so close to them you could hear the crunching of bones and grunting and fighting as they tried to steal from one another, it was pretty amazing.

Yep thats lunch done
Do not mess with her !

We left the lions to sleep off their kill in the shade of the shrubs and headed off back on the back roads again where we saw Rhino …


… giraffes doing yoga …

Yoga move ?

By this time we were in need of some fuel so headed to the nearest camp to fuel up when we came across another car jam, and what should we see – a cheetah wandering the river bank with elephants and rhino

Cheetah in the distance
Cheetah in the distance

Fueled up we started our trek back to one of the main exit gates. Yesterday when i was saying the elephants are big as cars, this is what i was talking about !

These dudes are big !

On the way out we passed some Hyena/possibly wild dog we weren’t 100% sure which and a herd of elephants with a teeni tini bubba in tow


too sweet man !

So that was our second day, i wonder what our third day will have install for us 🙂

PS, anyone i south africa with accommodation please apply within, as it is possible we will not be allowed back at Charmaine and Lances LOL 🙂

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  1. Wowsers !!!! Awesome !!!!!!!

    1. Yeah it was pretty special

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