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Kruger Park #1

Paul Kruger gate is about 40kms from the lodge and after a bit of a slow start we arrived at the gate to get our day tickets. Now it is a world famous park with some pretty awesome – ok brilliant – animals but come on!! Charging foreign tourists four times the price of locals that’s complete highway robbery. I get local prices and we have them at home but they certainly aren’t asking the foreign nationals to rob a bank when offering the service etc at home. For any with a South African passport, temp resident, perm resident, or ID card its 70Rand per day per person, for foreign nationals its just under 300Rand per day per person. So once we determined that the mortgage extension would cover the entry price for the next few days we headed off into the park.

Once in the park we started to make our way to Skukuza camp, followed by Lower Sabie then Crocodile Bridge before making our way back to Paul Kruger gate just on closing time – well actually a little late due to a big ass bull elephant that decided he was king of the road and no-one was getting past him, so we all played turn around and drive off pretend we don’t want to go that way till he decided to get off the road when we all turn around again and head off for the gate again. These massive beasts are not be questioned when they decide they want the road you give them the road no questions asked !

Our sightings for the day: Elephant, Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo, waterbuck, kudu, impala, wildebeest, warthogs, hippos, crocodiles, spotted hyaena, chacma baboon, vervet monkey, tortoise, lizard, and birds galore so we did pretty well except for the cats πŸ™ but seriously the elephants are bigger than the car and 1 second they are there the next they are gone, so if you can lose an elephant spotting cats is like i may as well buy a lotto ticket i would probably have more chance, but we are going to try !!!

Dont try and mess with these guys
The ugly stick – Wildebeest
Here i am !
Mr Giraffe
Beautiful Kudu
Mr Eliphant
Naww little bubba Zebra and Mum
Mr Warthog
Drink time
Leopard Tortoise
Impala – Lion Fast Food – check out the Big M on their butts !!!!
Cute Vervet Monkey
Baboon in the tree


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