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Skyline Chasing

After a nice relaxing day spent chilling under the lapa with everyone, searching the interwebs for car hire options whilst Charmaine went for one last dress fitting we all decided to hunt out a hill I had had my eye on for a possible sunset/skyline shot.

We headed off with Lance on a roadtrip across the ‘burbs into somewhat unknown territory, with 2 phones between us – one almost dead and the other with out data or standalone GPS. So once “winging it” didn’t land us in the right spot we asked the lovely local security patrol guys who put us on the right track – we weren’t too far off.

_DSC7374_1 FB
Security Response Unit patrolling the ‘burbs

We managed to find a small break in the trees but it was facing the wrong direction giving us Randburg not Johannesburg.

Randburg from Nightcliff
Randburg from Nightcliff
Looking out towards Fourways from NIghtcliff
Looking out towards Fourways from Nightcliff

So off we went again until we found a little opening – it wasn’t perfect but was the best we could muster under the circumstances. The city was very hazy and there wasn’t much of a sunset …. yet 🙁

Jozi Skyline

We then started to head for home and Lance decided to give us an African burger experience, at Yanky Burgers.Whilst we were there Charmaine called to advise of a brilliant sunset – our take on it ..

Sunset ..
Sunset ..

OMG these things are like a postcode of their own – huge doesn’t even begin to describe these burgers that can feed a small army weighing in at a measly 1.2kg !!!

Yanky's Monster Burger
Yanky’s Monster Burger

Safe to say that we were justifiably stuffed and sickly afterwards.


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