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Staff Meeting

After another good night sleep, a slightly later wake up from the hotel managers and a cuppa under our belt we headed off to do a wee bit of shopping before heading to Charmaines folks for a braai (bbq)

We stopped to buy a worm farm for Charmaine’s mum and Lance g-d bless his little soul also picked up some awesomeness yummy big bag of biltong

Bag of yumminess – Biltong

From the garden centre we headed to the butcher to stock up on our braai supplies and then it was on to Frank and Shirley’s for the staff meeting.

Charmaine’s sister Bernadine was recently¬† married in Las Vegas and is heading home to RSA for her wedding so her mum and dad are having a bit of a shing dig for her and we have all been willing roped into helping out on the day. But before the big day can go ahead a staff meeting was called to make sure all bases wee covered and everyone knew what they needed to bring.


Once the staff meeting had adjourned we lit the braai and settled in for the afternoon.




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