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Welcome to Africa

We arrived in Africa on time to a beautiful blue sky. The flight was very good, only about 2/3rds full so we didn’t need to share with anyone else which is always nice.

Tash managed to get some sleep, I unfortunately didn’t but I did manage to watch nearly 6 movies lol. A couple weren’t bad but the others a bit ordinary. I watched Pride, Fury, Gone Girl, Before you go to sleep and kill the messenger and then part of Jack Reacher.

We wandered into the arrivals hoping for a quick passport control – unfortunately the non-visa lines were not being manned so we joined the long and winding visa queue for about an hour and half 🙁

The arrivals hall was stinking hot as the A/c was not on and we stupidly had forgot to fill out water bottles in the lounge, we did have a lovely chat with the couple’s in front and behind us to fill in the time.

We finally made it thru passport control and out to the arrivals hall where Charmaine and Lance were patiently waiting for us. We loaded up our gear and headed out to the highway to join the Friday afternoon peak hour traffic.

We arrived at Charmaine and Lance’s and enjoyed a refreshing beverage under the lapa whilst playing fetch with the puppies.

The lapa
Relaxing under the lapa
“Hotel” digs for the next little while
“Hotel” for the next little while

In true South African style the area where Charmaine and Lance was due for loading shedding that evening for several hours between 6.30-10.30pm . At the moment Eskimo (government energy provider) isn’t able to supply enough power to the country so they have implemented load shedding across the country.

To combat the no power situation we headed up the road to a pub – the Green & Gold – with a generator for some dinner. I had a lovely local dish – Pap and Vleis (rump steak, boerwors sausage with pap and spicy tomato sauce.

Pap and Vleis

By the time we finished dinner and headed home it was nearly 5am Saturday morning in Oz and about 8pm Friday night in South Africa meaning that we had been awake since about 6.30am on Friday Oz time and we were both starting to feel every minute of it.

We got home, I laid on the bed and it was lights out !


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