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An African Adventure

Well its time for another little adventure. It’s been awhile since we have had an overseas adventure and quite some time since we had an extended holiday so to say we are looking forward to it might be understating the obvious.

Although for a little while I must say it really did seem that we may just not make it, but we have.

So why Africa? Well my usual answer would be why the hell not! For me its like a second home, an almost been there in another life familiarity that my soul craves. But this time the answer is – for a wedding. Not just any wedding, the wedding of my best mate, a mate i met in matric (South Africa’s Yr 12) in 1996. We became almost inseparable by the end of the school year with her house and family like a second home to me.

Since we finished matric I’ve been back a couple of times and she has been here. Even with the timezones and oceans between and both leading busy lives we have always maintained contact so it’s a friendship I cherish dearly, so to be going back to see her get married is magical.

With a lot of last minute running around, packing and de-packing we made it to the train and headed to Sydney for the night last night. The Holiday Inn seems to be our taking point for international travel so it’s nice to be somewhere familiar before we head off.

As it usually is Tash has a half empty light a#se bag and mine is bulging at the seams and significantly heavier – the tripod, monopod and tripod heads may have something to do with that 🙂

wpid-wp-1423173197870.jpegWe had a lovely dinner and drink at the hotel last night and we are now sitting in the Qantas lounge enjoying a relaxing breakfast before it’s time to board. The view of the city from the lounge is interesting.


Well peeps that’s it from us for now, stay tuned and we will try to keep you updated with our adventures as we go along


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  1. Have a great flight and don’t geht to exhausted on the way to Africa 🙂

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