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Back of Bourke and Beyond

Bourke Weir

Before heading out of town we headed out to the weir and old locks. The river is running but its clear its much lower than the ‘old’ days when the lock would have been in use. looking at the lock today i don’t think there would be anyone using it even if the water level did allow it, the banks, trees and grass have taken over at both ends of the lock.

Picture of Bourke Weir NSW
Bourke Weir

Back on the Road

From the lock we headed out of Bourke and once on the town limits the GPS says straight 250km. That’s when you know you’re getting pretty close to outback Australia. The roads are straighter, the dirt gets redder, the semi trailers become baby road trains and the wildlife likes to play chicken with you!

The scenery changes regularly from barren expanses of nothing to scrub to grassy tree lands.

We hit the QLD border and with no border control in sight we crossed over without incident 🙂

Picture of a border crossing Queensland
Welcome to Queensland


It didn’t take long to realise we were in QLD when we saw camels! they were in a paddock so fair chance they were being farmed for either meat or milk but still camels ! there were also some grumpy cows that didn’t like their photos being taken and decided to upset the camels and scare them away – not happy !

Picture of numerous Camels in Australia
What’s a bunch of camels called ?

We passed quite a few more eeemoos (emus) and this time a few were very close to the side of the road without fences so i decided to pull up and try to get a few shots.

Picture of an Australian Emu
We love seeking Emu’s


Around lunchtime we hit Cunnamulla and it was a very quite Sunday with not a soul stirring. We did catch up with the Cunnamulla Fella though.

We continued on along the straight road which the GPS helpfully advised as we left Cunnamulla turn left in 288Km – yep we can take it from here thanks !

As we got closer to St George the pasture turned greener and it was evident that some decent rains had fallen in the past few weeks across these plain, lush green grass almost unnatural in colour surrounded us.

We’ve seen 6 or 7 pairs of eagles, 3 times now they have been sitting atop the carcass of roadkill by the roadside. But you do think that they will stay there as we zip by and try to pull up and get a photo! as we left Bollon i cat and moused this little b#$tard up the road and managed to get this shot.

Picture of an Australian Eagle
Finally got a shot!

St George

Once we arrived in St George we checked in to the park and headed down to the river to check out the river and weir.

We did some bird watching on the downside of the weir as one of the gates was slightly up

Sunset was looking might it do something so we headed back out on the highway where we came in.


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