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Chasing Sunflowers

After a beautiful Christmas day with family we were headed north via the west. Charlie (our vehicle) was well and truly packed – with camping gear, photography gear and general holiday gear.

Thomas – our camper trailer – was staying home. We were only camping for about 4 nights before landing on family doorsteps for some freebie accommodation 🙂 so had decided to ‘rough’ it a little bit in the old 3 man tent and airbeds.

We had originally decided to head to Walgett via Gilgandra and then up popped the golden hues of sunflower fields around Willow Tree on the Liverpool plains, so we quickly changed plans and decided to head back to Narrabri via the sunflower fields.

Newcastle had some really nice rain overnight before we left and it was nice to see the damp edges of the road as we kept heading up the valley into the Liverpool plains. judging  by the water on the paddocks they had had a reasonable amount of rain in the past few days and the paddocks were a bit muddy underfoot.


After driving a few of the back roads we managed to find some fields that weren’t fenced it, weren’t miles away and had a nice depth of sunflowers happening.

_DSC5699_1 (Medium)

After snapping off quite a few shots in a few different locations it was time to hit the dirt road highways again – i love dirt road highways my almost most favourite part of holidays and road trips finding the dirt!

_DSC5864_1 (Medium)
We stopped in beautiful little blink and you miss it Breeza across from the grain silos in a great little rest stop for some late lunch before making tracks again for Narrabri and a fuel stop in Gunnedah.


Upon arriving in Narrabri we headed for our caravan park and pitched the tent before heading into town to see what was open for dinner – which would turn out to be a waste of time.

after a beer and chips back at the tent we headed into town for Rissole (RSL) only to discover that it was booked out – hmm yes thanks for telling us that when we asked what time meals were on until ! so plan B – chinese which was pretty darn good. Only problems was as we left the remains of an absolute cracker sunset was disappearing before our eyes – we had made an assessment (clearly not a good one) that the clouds were thick and ugly along the horizon and not going anywhere so had headed off for dinner instead.

Then it was back to cry in the shower over missed sunsets, write this blog and grab a few pics to fill it in.


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