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Annual Christmas Sunrise

With Christmas approaching at a rate of knots, it was time for the Newcastle Sundance annual Christmas Sunrise at Redhead Beach, just to the south of Newcastle.

After a week of storms and clouds I really wasn’t sure what weather would great me at 4am this morning but much to my delight the stars were twinkling and the clouds were no where to be seen.

Fire twirling is always a favourite at sunrises and this morning was no different.

Fire Tower

As the light changed twirling became wandering trying to find ‘the spot’.

I had a new (well like new) lens on – a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, a nice wide angle lens. The widest I had been able to shoot at previously was 16mm and 17mm so I must say unwashed surprised how much difference that 11-15mm actually makes.

It has been a little while since I have managed a sunrise, so combine my rustiness with a new lens and a sunrise that just wasn’t happening I really wasn’t feeling it all today. The swell was a also quite big for a low tide at Redhead so the rocks were less accessible without getting significantly wet and risking waves on the gear.

Rippling Swells

Once daylight had well and truly broken we lines up for the traditional photo (Photo Credit: Stephen Tyler)

Sundance Xmas 2014

Then a few more photos and then breaky on the portable bbq trailer kindly dragged along by one of the members.

Reflection Channel

Overall a good morning with new and familiar faces, and getting back in the swing.

Merry Christmas Sundancers

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