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Balloon Fiesta

This morning we woke at 4am, well when I say woke I mean I had closed my eyes for about 10 minutes before the alarm off! why is it, that whenever we have to get up early that you can never sleep! I’m usually late to bed so if I have to get up early i often wonder why i bother going to bed and last night was certainly one of those nights!

So a little bleary eyed we hit the road and headed for the picturesque wine country of the Hunter Valley. As we got closer to our destination the fog was starting to get a little lower and little thicker which would make for great atmosphere later in the morning.

We arrived at the arranged meet spot which was teeming with activity and people. as we were not going up in the balloons our only real concern was finding our where the launch area was or staying in the convey. we headed off and found ourselves off on a little driving adventure – much further than we had thought but we arrived at the launch area to a big open paddock with the fog still hanging around.

The baskets were quickly unloaded off the trailers, and balloons laid out and starting to be filled

Stretch out

There were approximately 20 balloons so it was hard to know where to shoot as there was so much going on in every direction.

I'm watching you!

Straight up

Then they started to lift off and float away into the distance. It was a quite a sight to see the balloons rise up over the fog into the blue sky lit up by the sunrise.

Up and Away

The full set of images will be uploaded here in the next few days.

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  1. Great post. Shooting Balloons is great fun. Thank you for sharing this. -Max-

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