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Somersby Falls

Another week of rain and with a little bit of cabin fever setting in, we headed off down the coast with some sundancers for an afternoon of fun – hiking the falls at Somersby.

Once the crew had arrived we headed off down to the top falls where the shooting began in earnest. The was some decent water coming over the falls and with the afternoon light it was shaping up to be a good afternoon.

Top Falls

From the top falls we made our down, down to the middle falls where it was time to get serious – get the hiking boots off and the water boots on 🙂 It was worth getting the feet wet for this one.

Middle Falls

Most of the others decided to call it an afternoon at the middle falls, however given that this was our first time here at Somersby – I know I know all the locals are groaning and asking how!!! I don’t really know how we just haven’t managed to get there yet – we headed for the bottom falls, otherwise known in the group as Brenda Falls Falls – as a memento to one of the girls in the group who fell and broke her elbow at the bottom – eeek !

Its quite strange, as you leave middle falls for the bottom falls, the water just disappears, i guess there must be an aquifer or something that it slips away into and then it re-emerges downstream just before it tumbles off the top of the bottom falls. The boulders and little stream in between middle and bottom falls are just gorgeous.

Tree Swirl

The bottom falls are just gorgeous, you can even get in behind them without getting too wet.

Bottom Falls

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