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The surfers are back in town

Originating back in 1985 as an attempt to showcase the city of Newcastle as more than just a BHP Steelworks industrial grime city, the BHP Steel International was created. It was at the time the richest professional surfing event in the world. it is now Australia’s largest surfing event and we have always been extremely lucky to have to best of the best appear at surfest year in, year out. The jewels in the Surfest crown are two World Tour Six-Star events – both the mens and the womens event. The entire festival runs for about 11 days and includes an Indigenous Classic, cadet, junior and of course the two main events the mens and womens.

The weather wasn’t looking fantastic but you cant knock back an opportunity to watch these guys and gals in action.

A very happy Malia Manuel (Hawaii/Kauai) rides her last wave back into shore having taken out the Hunter Ports Women’s Classic.


The eventual mens winner Matt Bunting exits the water a surfest winner:


The full set of pictures can be found here:

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