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Sundancers are Five

On January 19th 2009 the photography Flickr group, Newcastle Sundance was born, with the first ever meet at Redhead Beach shortly afterwards. So with the 5th birthday approaching we decided to head back to where it all began. Learning about and meeting up this group has been one of the best things that has happened – not just for my photography but also for making life long friends that both myself and my partner now cherish. We always have a ball when we are with laughing and acting like crazies is pretty much standard practice, it is so good for the soul and photography.

This morning was no different and a large crew assembled to catch the morning rays as they cracked the horizon. Now Redhead Beach isn’t somewhere that i have shot, for whatever reason, very many times. It is also somewhere that i really haven’t captured that shot that i go back to and go yep this is why i love Redhead. it seems in fact to be a little bit of nemesis so i like to try and get there when i can and challenge it and myself.

Probably of all the times i have shot here this morning is one of the best (for me – trust me the others have absolutely crackers from here!) and i came away with a couple of shots that i really liked.

Heart Flows

We always get a group photo on special occasions such as this .. can you imagine trying to organise a group of photographers together in the one photo – the saying too many chefs not enough cooks probably doesn’t go far enough LOL we are pretty bad !!!

newcastle sundance 5th anniversary sunrise meet - redhead

(group photo taken by Sundancer Stewart)

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