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Hitting the pavement once again

Well its time for us to hit the pavement and go another adventure. This time we are leaving poor Thomas at home. We are heading north to family for xmas so we decided to take a road trip to get there but for four nights out of about 11 we decided to leave Thomas at home and gulp stay in cabins along the way.

After way to much tetris/rubix cubing trying to get everything in the boot the way I liked it we were finally on our way with a quick detour via my folks to drop some things off.

We headed west out through Singleton and Muswellbrook making tracks to Quirindi where we stopped for a quick lookout stop at the “Who’d da thought it” lookout which has some nice views back over the town and back to the Great Dividing Range._DSC2057_1 (Small)We continued on through the wheat belt where the golden colours of harvested wheat fields lined the roads. _DSC2062_1 ACR (Small)I love the old style seed/grain mills.

_DSC2060_1 ACR (Small)We grabbed some fuel at Gunnedah, and kept on moving, passing through Boggabri and BaanBaa where i saw this really cool dam with 6 pelicans all lined up along one edge. I did the stop the car chuck a u-turn manoeuvre and just as we pull up (which I did do slowly) the little &^%$# flew off, so needless to say I have a picture of a dam !

_DSC2064_1 ACR (Small)We arrived in Narrabri later in the afternoon, checked into the cabin and took a cruise around town to see what was what – which didn’t take long. Im getting dinner ready and I look out the window and see a pretty decent sunset developing. Now for the past few weeks ive been a bit out of sorts with photography and haven’t really picked up the camera or edited anything very much at all, so the fact I actually wanted to take a pic was a good thing, so we jumped in the car and headed west until we found Narrabri lake – yep its an actual thing and does actually have water in it. Hopefully I managed to grab a few nice sunset shots before we headed back to camp hoping that the breeze would kick in soon as it really hadn’t dipped below 35 and it was half eight already._DSC2075_1 ACR (Small)


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